Teardown – Steam Deck Settings Guide

I think I’ve found some pretty good settings to run Teardown for around four or more hours on the steam deck. These setting aren’t prefect and start to crumble when there’s a lot going on but for most circumstances it works pretty well.

Guide to Steam Deck Settings


Settings changed in the Steam UI

  • Turn off framerate limiting and set the refresh rate to 40.
  • Turn Half Rate Shading on.
  • Turn the TDP limit to 10 watts.
  • Turn the GPU Clock Frequency to 1100 MHz.

Settings changed in the Options > Graphics tab

These settings don’t look much different from the games default on the deck while keeping to that 4+ hours of gameplay.

  • Set render scale to 75%.
  • Set render quality to Low (surprisingly doesn’t make the game look terrible).
  • Set Vertical sync to Adaptive (this is why we set the refresh rate to 40).
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