Tech Support: Error Unknown – How to Unlock The Top Dog Achievement

As someone who works in customer service and handles warranty stuff on a daily basis I never imagined myself to sink 36 hours (so far) into this game after work, and then write a guide on how to do the in game job better… lol

Tips & Tricks For Unlocking The Top Dog Achievement

I don’t have all the game mechanics figured out but these are just a few things I found which helped me a lot.


  1. Biggest thing is to familiarize yourself with the game and know how every problem is solved and the order the solutions come in. There are eventually some shortcuts you can take to cut down on time.
  2. Playing on the lowest difficulty. No need to make this harder for yourself.
  3. Upgrades are help, I maxed all the ones for the support desk and database. Being able to automate tasks saves time, being able to open the customer’s file with one click is also a big time saver for VIP customers. (If you are having money issues then wait until you’ve finished a game with an ending that’s not you getting fired, then go into BIOS and there is a option to start new games off with a bit of money).
  4. Later days were for me easier than earlier ones, as upgrades can help quite a lot, and the awkward days where you are stuck manually sending certain things can get quite slow.
  5. Open 2 windows if you are able to. In the beginning I can handle 3 windows but the day I got the achievement I had around only 1-2 windows open at a time.
  6. Don’t try for this on days where you get the special customers. They are the ones that will wait indefinitely for you if you leave them on active or waiting. (Random tip, you can get rid of Jimmy immediately by asking him for his phone code, Petr by telling him you can’t help, and the forgetful old man by first responding with yes, then wait for him to say something and queue up asking him what the problem is, and closing the window)

In Game

Once I had all the support desk and database upgrades I can see immediately what the issue is and what the warranty coverage is for the customers.

  1. For standard and no warranty customers, based on the particular issue they have, always try your luck with upselling a service. You may get lucky.
  2. You can get ahead of the customer with a second suggestion lined up, it can save a lot of time, but make sure your are not sending 2 inputs in a row. Let the customer say something beforehand or you will confuse them. For example, if a customer’s internet isn’t working, and you asked them to look at settings. After they say something like “okay let me try that” and you are left waiting, you can just send the next suggestion immediately without knowing if that worked or not, which should be to reboot the phone, in anticipation of them saying “it didn’t work”. If going into settings worked then they will ignore the second suggestion, if it didn’t then give them a second and they should react to the second suggestion you lined up. And then you can go ahead and line up the next suggestion, and so on and so forth.
  3. Once a solution worked just close the window, the customer may have some nice thing to say or ask for the logs, which the auto process upgrades will handle for you. No need to sit around and watch, close the window and go to the next customer(s).
Written by BearBear

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