Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge – 100% Full Achievement Guide

How to Obtain All Achievements


  • Difficulty level of achievements: Medium.
  • Total achievements: 30 (100%)
  • Offline achievements: 26. (100%)
  • Online Achievements: 4.
  • Estimated time to complete all achievements: 20+ hours.
  • Minimum number of passes for 100%: 7+ times
  • Glitchy achievements: None.
  • Missable Achievements: None.
  • Achievements with difficulty levels: Yes.
  • Required DLCs for 100% achievements: None.

Unlocking most of the achievements in the game will not be difficult, but among all there are some that can make you sweat because of their difficult conditions. Also, for some achievements related to multiplayer, you may need friends or the same achievement hunters as you.

Story Achievements

Special Report

  • Stop the rogue Channel 6 broadcast in Story Mode.

Piped Piper!

  • Trespass the royal grounds of NYC sewers and defeat the Rat King in Story Mode.


  • Put an end to Bebop and Rocksteady’s run in Story Mode.

Empire Strikes Out

  • Retreat the Triceraton empire in Story Mode.

Clean Up in Aisle 4

  • Stop Chrome Dome before he can rebuild the old Technodrome in Story Mode.

Complete Season

  • Complete the Story Mode.

Story related achievements, simply proceed in story mode.

  • Special Report — Defeat Bebop boss — Stage 01.
  • Piped Piper! — Defeat Rat King boss — Stage 05.
  • Buffoons! — Defeat Bebop & Rocksteady bosses — Stage 07.
  • Empire Strikes Out — Defeat Captain Zorax boss — Stage 11.
  • Clean Up in Aisle 4 — Defeat Chrome Dome boss — Stage 14.
  • Complete Season — Defeat Statue of Tyranny and Super Shredder bosses — Stage 16.

Complete Cast!

  • See all of the different endings in Story Mode.

There are 7 game endings for each playable character. Defeat the last boss to complete the game with every character to unlock that one.

Biggest Fan!

  • Find all cameos in Story Mode.

Cameos is a type of collectible items in game. There are 10 cameos, watch the video guide to see more info about how to find them all.


  • Complete all of the special requests in Story Mode.

Finding a cameo will unlock a special character request, which you can see on global map.

Completing all 5 special requests will unlock this achievement.

Opening an Antique Store?

  • Find 5 different collectibles in Story Mode.

There are different types of collectibles in game:

  • Classic Headlines — 3
  • Secret Diaries — 5
  • Disgusting Bugs — 8
  • VHS Tapes — 5
  • Crystal Shards — 3
  • Cameos — 10

You need to find only 5 different collectibles, but here is the guide with every collectible in the game.

No need for Mutagen!

  • Bring all characters to max Power Level in Story Mode.

Press X on global map to open Turtle Lair and then go to Fitness Journal to see you character level and upgrades. Play story mode with different characters to upgrade all of them to max 10 level.

Gameplay Achievements

Sharing is Caring!

  • Cheer up the same teammate 3 times in a single stage.

Press LB or CTRL (same button to revive a teammate) while next to your teammate to cheers him up.

Breaking Out!

  • Destroy 200 breakable objects.

Find boxes, barrels or any other objects to break. Sometimes you can find something useful for yourself.


  • Defeat the Rat King while using Splinter.

Rat King is the Stage 5 boss. Defeat him with Splinter (no need to make last hit, if you play MP).

A + B

  • Finish a boss using a Super Attack.

Press Y (or A on keyboard) with a full super charge bar to make a lasthit on any boss.

Mode 7

  • Throw 16 enemies toward the camera.

This technique will be taught to you at the 9th stage of training.

You will need to grab the enemy (does it automatically if you get close), and then down on the D-pad and X in order to throw the character into your screen.

Cowabunga It Is

  • Perform a 250-hits string.

Each time you hit an enemy, you gain a multiplier that resets if you take damage or don’t hit anyone for a few seconds. This achievement is easier to get when playing solo. there will be enough opponents against you to achieve that much multiplier.

This achievement can be easily boosted by endlessly hitting the already defeated last enemy on the screen by playing fast character like April O`Neil. The main thing is not to let him fall to the ground and continue to beat him.

Pizza Time!

  • Eat 20 pizzas.

You can find pizzas all over the levels. There are several different pizzas in the game with effects for players: some heal the health of one character, some for the whole group, there is also a pizza that gives energy for super strikes and others. Simply pick to eat it.

Return to Sender

  • Deflect 10 projectiles.

Hit the projectiles to deflect it.

Finally Getting Along!

  • Cheer up Raphael while playing as Casey Jones.

Multiplayer Achievements

Most Fearsome Fighting Team!

  • Complete a Stage in any mode in multiplayer.

Press LB (or Q on keyboard) in characher pick menu to find lobbys with player and finish any level in party.


  • Perform 10 Team Attacks in multiplayer.

Beat the same enemy with your teammate 10 times.

Kind Brother

  • Revive a teammate in multiplayer.

When your ally runs out of HP, he will fall to the ground and you will have 9 seconds to pick him up. Press and hold LB (CTRL on keyboard) until the bar is full.

Classic Couch Memories

  • Complete the Arcade Mode in Multiplayer.

In arcade mode, you need to go through all 16 levels with one team with a limited number of lives, without continues and saves between level. If you lose — start from the beginning like in golden old days. Difficulty does not matter, you can go on the lowest “Chill” one.

Please note: It is not necessary to complete the entire game from start to finish in MP. It is enough to join an existing game towards the end of the game and defeat the final boss – Super Shredder

Miscellaneous Achievements

Come On!

  • Got hit while performing a taunt.

Press RB to use taunt and got hit from enemy while performing it.

Like the Old Days!

  • Complete the Arcade Mode on the hardest difficulty.

Beat the Arcade mode on Gnarly difficulty to unlock this one.

Please note: It is not necessary to complete the entire game from start to finish. It is enough to join an existing game in MP towards the end of the game and defeat the final boss — Super Shredder.

If you go to the game search menu, then there you can see groups of players and their progress in passing. Try to choose groups where there is free space with progress as close to 100% as possible.

Master of One Quarter

  • Complete the Arcade Mode without using a credit.

See this number near your character’s head? These are credits. If your HP drops to zero and your team members do not have time to revive within 9 seconds, then your character dies and resurrects again, losing one credit. If you die when your credits are at 0, the game will end. All that is required is to complete the game without losing all your credits.

Please note: It is not necessary to complete the entire game from start to finish. It is enough to join an existing game in MP towards the end of the game and defeat the final boss — Super Shredder.

Beware Lawbreakers!

  • Play as Casey Jones.

Once you complete episode 16 for the first time, Casey Jones is unlocked and ready for action. You can choose him via character selection screen.

Button Masher

  • Win the mini-game in Coney Island.

Stage 9 — Crisis at Coney Island!

Close to the end of stage you`ll see 6 frog (or turtle) ballons. You need to beat the pump and until balloon bursts. Eat the pizza that falls out of the balloon and you will get the achievement.

Who Needs A Dock?

  • Defeat Super Shredder without being hit.

This one is really tough. Super Shredder is the last boss in the game and it is quite difficult and long to defeat him, not to mention not to receive damage from him.

Most of the time he is immune to your attacks, dashing around the arena leaving a trail of green fire that deals damage and also radiates fire in all directions. After a flash of fire, he literally becomes vulnerable for a couple of seconds and then repeats everything again.

The difficulty is not to fall under his fire and emerge victorious from the battle.

But I guess that playing solo is much more easier to unlock this achievement, check the video.

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