Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge – An Efficient Way to Farm Kills

This is a strat I’ve thought on my own while trying to figure out how to get the No need for Mutagen! achievement. Though, there could be a better strat that I might not know about.

Guide to Farm Kills

Episode 13: Technodrome Redux

Go to Episode 13.

Just play the level normally, try not to lose any lives and reach to the level’s boss, Chrome Dome.

Chrome Dome

When you reach Chrome Dome, just play against the boss normally.

When he does his “Chrome Dome’s POV” phase or whatever you wanna call it, here’s where the farming starts.

By just killing the spawning foot soldiers, you can just kill ’em while dodging Chrome Dome’s attacks.

Farming Pattern

The way this phase works is that before the fist comes out, there’ll be time for you to do whatever.

Just as Chrome Dome’s detects where you are, he’ll put his fist wherever he saw you were, so you can abuse it by trying to find a good timing between the detection and the Foot Soldiers spawning.

When there’s no Foot Soldier, go sprint to the right, when the fist comes out go dashing left, as you’re dashing left the Foot Soldiers will have spawned and then you can kill them quickly with either Dash + Attack or Dash + Jump, find which one works with your character.

Be sure to be charging at them quickly before one of them does their leap attack, as that’ll ruin your pattern and get damaged in the process.

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