Terra Nil – Advice on Each Map

Simple advice on how to tackle each map.

Tips for Every Map

How to Do Each Map

Every map except “Abandoned Quarry” and “Polluted Fjord” are procedural generated if and when you push retry on those map.

River Valley

  • This is the tutorial/introduction map. Not much needed to advice as the game already giving to you the player.

Desolated Island

  • You don’t necessarily need salinator per se to create mangroves biome. Just keep using Hydroponiums and you be fine.
  • Tropical Forest are easy to make but hard to get back if you burn it. So make sure you have room to make new one if you have to burn some to increase the temperature.
  • To create coral reef, one must have monorail. You must uses the monorail to move one building from one spot to another to unlock the “Coral Lab”. When it unlock, you just need to read how to uses it.

Volcanic Glacier

  • This map is similar to “river valley” in term of difficulty so not much of a learning curve as long as you don’t waste resource.

Flooded City

  • When you loaded in the map or retry the map; you must immediately find the Radioactive Waste Bunker on that map and plan your strategy around them. Place Underseas Dredger near them and create land near them. Recycle these building then place a “Tidal Turbine” near bunker. When you can finally create biome, place a Radiation Cleanser next to all three bunker before the map destroy the bunker releasing the Radiation. You need all three bunker to create the sunflower biome.

Abandoned Quarry

  • To create forest or even have a tree, you must first dry it out before burning it. Hint: uses dehumidifier and solar amplifier.
  • The only place you can create Wetland on this map is at the bottom of the quarry, so be prepare to work around that.


  • The most challenging thing about this map is create enough landmass to create greenery to just unlock the biome without wasting resource. Their only two advice I got to give even if you out of luck with the map and need to retry.
  • One: Make landmass near the biggest landmass on the map at the start.
  • Two: Make landmass near cliff if and when you still have resources.

Polluted Fjord

  • To make this map easier, you must melt the snow. You must increase the temperature of the map to melt all the snow on the map to make your life easier.

Irradiated Spawl

  • This map is much easier then Flooded City once you know the trick.
  • One: You just need one Turbine to power everything, just think of rooftop hoping.
  • Two: You get greenery resource by cleaning the ocean and making grass even on polluted land.
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