Terra Nil – How to Solve The Quarry Map

Quite a challenging map, isn’t it? How to create fynbos biome without tree on map? No bug here, just a little trick.

Guide to Solve The Quarry Map

Before We Start

This guide show you how too completed the map. It’s not fully optimized, use this guide to help you to understand how to proceed.

For example, at the end, i’ve only 4 animals on the 6 we can find.

First Step: Start as Always

This is what the map looks like.

Start with turbine, water pump, toxin scrubber and irrigator. Make sure to create greenery in a maximum place.

Second Phase: Create Biomes

First Step: Wetland

  • Add Hydroponium around the base lake. This add wetland but most importantly, humidity
  • Also, use Cloud Seeder to complete the 70% humidty cap. This unlock rain and finish to green the map.

Second Step: Forest

  • This is the main part. Select the Dehumidifier and place it on rock.
  • Second, use Solar Amplifer near the Dry bush newly create and start a fire on it.
  • Finally, use Arboretum on ashes and create forest. You can now place a Beehive on tree you just create for add fynbos.

Now finish to fill biomes’ jauges for the third step.

Third Step: Cleaning and Recycling

Easy part here. Use Silos and Monorails to recycling all your buildings with the Drone.

Don’t forget to scan your biomes to find three animals. As i say previously, for this guide my playthrough give me only 4 species on 6.

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