Terraformers – Game Saves, Settings and Logs Location

Hi everyone, if you were wondering about where the saves, settings and logs are and what each file means, here are all the details you need!

Where to Find Game Saves, Settings and Logs

File locations

  • Windows: %userprofile%\AppData\LocalLow\Asteroid Lab\Terraformers
  • Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Asteroid Lab/Terraformers
  • Linux: $HOME/.config/unity3d/Asteroid Lab/Terraformers


The “Player.log” file in this folder are the game’s log and can provide some indication if you had a bug.


Your user settings are stored in the GameSettings folder. If you have issues with resolution or language, deleting the settings file can help and will reset you to the default.


The saves are stored on your computer in the SavedGames folder. You will then find a sub folder starting with “stm_” and a lot of number if you are on steam. There is one steam save folder per steam user. For other platforms like Gog, the saves are going in a “default” folder.

Steam Cloud (or Gog Cloud) will synchronize this folder and all sub-folders.

The folder contains a “player_profile” file. This contains your overall progress. What project you have unlocked, what achievements you completed, what project you discovered and so on. Be-careful, deleting this file will completely delete your progress and set you back as if you just purchased the game for the first time.

The folder GameSlots_0 contains your different ongoing save files. Deleting these files will only delete the related ongoing game. Nothing else will be lost.

A long time ago

Be aware that earlier the saves were originally located inside the game folder (Terraformers Install Folder: Terraformers_Data/SavedGames) . This resulted one day in deleting everyone’s save by mistake when doing a game update and we since then moved the saves externally. The folder is still there for the moment as we wanted to not delete any files when doing the migration, but it is not used. Thus you can safely ignore it.

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