Terraria – How to Get Greedy Ring Faster

Please note: all credit goes to Asura !

In this guide I’ll tell you how to get greedy ring faster and do not any pirate farms or wait for 33-37 pirate invasions, which are written on wiki as a guaranteed way to get it.


Greedy ring is a useful item, that allows you to get money for attacking enemies, get discounts for purchasing stuff from NPCs and most importantly modify your weapons and accessorieses cheaper.

In most guides on YouTube they just get by staying AFK for pretty long time, building farms to auto-kill pirate invasions, but my method is kind of easier, still it uses several exploits, they are all allowed ingame, so there is no problem.

Gold Ring

Greedy ring can be crafted, using 3 accessorieses, and gold ring is the first of them. The bad thing that in contrary to other 2 , this one can be legitimately obtained by routine farming, though it has got the biggest drop chances and can be found on 5-7 invasion. To start the invasion, you need Pirate map, which is dropped by any enemy, killed within or close to an Ocean during Hardmode.

The easiest way to get it, is to kill fishes, lure enemies at night/solar eclipse/blood moon near water and kill get some maps from them. Do Not waste all maps , you ll need just one, to 100% obtain to other items.

Lucky Coin and Discount Card

These two involves nearly no grinding, still, you need to make some preparations.

Things you need to prepare:

  • 1) Bed(any, pirates usually drop golden bed if you dont have one)
  • 2) 10 gold coins (not really that much to get 20% discount each reforge)
  • 3) One pirate map
  • 4) Sextant(complitelly optional)
  • 5) Voodoo guide doll(if you have one, skip to III)

The easiest way to get voodoo doll is to start a new world, for the worthy. The thing is, that there all demons drop dolls, cause there don’t spawn those, who don’t. Just create a new world, in the seed section you just write “for the worthy” , and seek in underworld, until you find one. The world is better made small, so that it takes you less time to create it. This won’t take more than 5-6 minutes.

If you got all, what is mentioned above, it is time to create a new world for once again. This time use seed “05162011”. This will allow you to get certain NPC, princess, but she actually differs from one you have in your world(if you do). After you entered this world, get at least 200 blocks or further from spawn point, build there a house and invite princess there. After her arrival, go back to spawn point, start an invasion with a map and defeat it. Unless you make a house , pirates can actually kill princess and she will never respawn.

After you defeated pirates go to your princess , place bed somewhere where it is safe, and wait for a day(waiting in bed makes in-game time run 5 times faster), so you’ll be able to buy Discount Card, and than other 2 days to get Lucky Coin, 5 gold coins each. Waiting will only take 13 minutes of real life time.

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