Terraria – How to Summon Deerclops

The Deerclops is a boss from pre-Hardmode. It is one of the last bosses a player will face before entering pre-Hardmode.


As long as the user is in the Snow biome, the Deerclops can be summoned using a Deer Thing at any time of day. During a Blizzard, it also spawns naturally at midnight.

There are no prerequisite monsters that must be fought in order to summon this boss; however, due to the Deerclops’ strength, it may be best to wait until after killing the Eater of Worlds or the Brain of Cthulhu.

Craft (Deer Thing)

  • 3 Flinx Fur
  • 5 Crimtane Ore
  • 1 Lens

On the Demonic Altar.

  • 3 Flinx Fur
  • 5 Demonite Ore
  • 1 Lens

On the Crimson Altar.

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    • Yes, he is the only Ice Biome Boss in the game. Now all we need is an official Desert Biome Boss and the natural surface biomes will have a ‘guardian’ for each of them.

  1. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a blizzard with the spawner itself, just a tundra. Going behind walls seems to make Deerclops immortal and able to phase through them, similar to old one’s army enemies. In Master mode (it might make a difference I’m in hardmode) he has 21k health.

  2. I managed to spawn it pre-hardmode, so I can confirm that. keep in mind I am pretty much an “endgame” pre-hardmode player atm, as I haven’t defeat WoF yet in my current play-through. I’m doing a classic difficulty world right now, so when spawned, it had over 7000 exact hp, 1000 hp short of WoF. Fight iteself was pretty cool and interesting, love the music too.

    Seems to me at least the normal spawning method is true, Has to be in a blizzard in the tundra biome, but it may have something to do with the lack of light based sources in the vicinity, including light pets. I removed a couple torches, and as soon as I removed my light pet, it immediately spawned in.

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