Terrian Saga: KR-17 – Achievement Guide

This guide should help you complete some of these achievements. It will not include secret achievements.

How to Obtain Achievements


  • Time to Completion: Its a minimum of 4 playthroughs to compete all the difficulty achievements. It depends on your skill level, but it could take around six hours to finish the game once. Less time if you skip all the gears. Secrets will take a long time to find.
  • Difficulty: Very Hard, It’s a platformer. Try not to dash off a cliff.
  • Broken Achievements: No Idea, I hope not. I haven’t finished all the achievements. Some claim there are broken achievements in the forums, but I haven’t come across any broken achievements.


Geared up!

  • Collected 500 gears!

Friends, robots, lend me your gears!

  • Collected 1000 gears!

As Gears Go By!

  • It’s the bigger love of the family! (2,000 gears)

Gears in Heaven!

  • Collected 2500 gears!
  • I thought this was bugged after starting a new game. It’s possible gears only count in a single play-through.

Now that wasn’t so hard, was it?

  • Aww, you beat the game on easy!
  • If you beat the game on a higher difficulty, it won’t unlock. Yes, you have to beat the game on easy.

The Hero We Needed

  • You beat it while hard.

A Spark of Life in the Darkness!

  • Now you can play the game on hard.
  • Beat the game on normal difficulty. If you beat the game on hard or easy, it won’t unlock.

Foe of Chippy!

  • Complete game on hard killing ALL Chippies!

Friend of Chippy!

  • Complete game on hard killing NO Chippies!


  • Kill a chippy in mid air!
  • There are chippies hanging upside down. Once you are under a chippy, it will fall down. Try to kill it before it lands on the ground.

Secret Locations/Weapon Upgrades:

  • I’ve unlocked 5 secret achievements, but don’t remember which levels I found them in. Most of them are secret weapon upgrades. Also this is my first achievement guide, so give it a like if this was helpful.

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