TFC: The Fertile Crescent – How to Beat Master Horde

Useful Tips for Master Horde

Just tried master horde on this version, this should be foolproof:

  1. First 7 vils go on food*, then 3 clay, then rest on wood/clay/farms as needed.
  2. First tech you get is woodcutting, second is militia, militia should be in time for second wave.
  3. Clear first 5 waves with 5 kiting light axes, and your vils, try not to lose any vil.
  4. Once you have 3 techs (plough is 3rd), get egyptians, create a palace, place 5 vils in the palace, get scribes tech.
  5. Start making spearmen, use them to kite melee units while your vils shoot, then kill the ranged units in cqc.
  6. Start mining copper, get helmets, get elite tech for spears, start making archers, get elite archers, get bronze tech, get wheel tech.
  7. Once you have all armor upgrades, get swordsman armor as well, start making sword only, no more archers or spears.
  8. Get the tech to make temples, start making a few 2-5 do the job, places 2 priests in each.
  9. Swords are practically unkillable by horde, so just hf once you mass more than 10 as you can’t lose.

Note: Don’t let siege units destroy your farms / houses / temples.

*If you hover the cursor over the amount of food, you will see information about food consumption. Remember, the key to victory is a lot of farmers!

I hope you found this helpful!

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