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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get The Anacrusis to use the right mic for in-game voice in Windows versions?

  • On Windows 10, The Anacrusis uses the default communications microphone. If people aren’t able to hear you in-game, go to the Sounds Settings panel and make sure the proper mic is selected as your default communications device.
  • On Windows 11, The Anacrusis uses your default Input device. Make sure the microphone you want to use is setup as the default Input device.

What’s up with mod support?

The short answer is we are committed to modding and are working on it as fast as we can. We have an engineer dedicated to building our modding tools right now.

The long answer is that we currently have a handful of modders working on the first wave of mods for The Anacrusis. We gave very low-level access to our source code and assets so they could help us work out the tools we need to build for the larger modding tool release, which will happen later in 2022. Some of them are making skins, some are making alien variants, and some are even making custom campaigns.

Because The Anacrusis uses dedicated servers for matchmaking, bringing mods to all of our platforms is a bit more complicated than games that don’t use dedicated servers. We’re still working out exactly how everything will work, but you can expect that the mods available to console players will be a curated subset of the total pool of available mods.

As for PC players, when we release the mod tools, there will likely be a separate client for modders (and people who want to help modders) to test in-progress mods. That client will allow people to test content that doesn’t exist on the dedicated servers (or the consoles) but will likely be limited in some key ways.

We’ll curate the best mods, integrate them with the dedicated server infrastructure and make them available to players on all of our supported platforms.

How to change your language

At launch, the only way to change the displayed language is adding a launch flag to Steam.

Right click on the game in the Steam Library, then go to properties. In the General tab, add “CULTUREFORCOOKING=” and the following language code for your country to the Launch Options field.

  • English – en
  • French – fr
  • German – de
  • Portugeuse (Brazil) – pt-BR
  • Russian – ru
  • Spanish (Latin America) – es-419
  • Simplified Chinese – zh-Hans
  • Traditional Chinese – zh_Hant
  • Korean – ko

So, to set the language to Korean, it would look like this:

Will The Anacrusis support single player?

Not at launch. For now The Anacrusis requires a While our bots are great for replacing a disconnected player or subbing in while you need to run AFK, but they’re not the recommended way to play the game right now.

We expect some form of offline play to come online during the Early Access period, when we bring mod tools online. However, when it becomes available, it will likely come with significant limitations (no crossplay, no meta progression, etc), so we expect it to be a limited tool for people to test player-created mods, but not a primary way to play the game.

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  1. Well, offline with bots is how half of us want to play. Make this happen please so your sales will go up. A lot of us don’t have time to ” make” friends online or don’t have time with full time jobs and family. Offline single player with some bot teammates is what we need for about 20 to 30hrs every few days just to chill.

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