The Backroom – Lost and Found – How to Get Paintings, Almond Waters and Endings

Be warned, in this guide there will be spoilers!

Guide to Get Paintings, Almond Waters and Endings


  1. Opposite of the spiral painting room.
  2. Next to the mannquin.
  3. Behind the pillar when the trypophobic scene starts.
  4. The rightmost or leftmost door in the lightning room.
  5. Ater exiting the Negative Side, in a Liminal Gap
  6. After turning to the Negative Side to unblock The Room, move it right once and exit to the right.
  7. After rescuing the Quaraff Dad, instead of exiting, go to the right of the leftmost doorway.

Almond Waters

  1. Near the start, close to the room full of stairs.
  2. In the room full of stairs, use them to elevate yourself to drop down a doorway.
  3. Just after entering the room with blue fireflies, turn left.
  4. Before using the room, find the wall with an eye crossed out and walk through it whitout looking at it to make it disappear. Go forward once, then get behind The Room using the now nonexistent wall.
  5. After grabbing the Quraff Mom, move the room until it’s entrance is connected to the leftmost entrance to the Chair / “Mannequins are alive in the negative side!” room, then move The Room right.
  6. Move The Room right again, exit it and fall into the hole. You can see that the exit is blocked by the room, so use the upper doorway. While on top of the room, navigate to the Almond Water.
  7. In the Outside, after climbing the stairs, continue left instead of right.
  8. After exiting the Outside, phase though the wall on the positive side. After that, return to the doorway to the Outside and turn back around.


  1. Burn a Quraff.
  2. Burn two Quraffs.
  3. Using a combination of Paintings and Almond Waters, give The Room enough fuel without burning a Quraff.
  4. Burn all Quraffs.
  5. Burn all Paintings and Almond Waters, but without the fuel reaching 100, then kill yourself.
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  1. As well, could you clarify where to find the almond water you mentioned as “2. In the room full of stairs, use them to elevate yourself to drop down a doorway.” I cannot find it, nor am I certain to which room you are referring.

    • Almond Water #2 in the guide has been moved into a dark dead end corridor just before encountering the first mannequin.

      One more water can be found at the stairs by the lightning room. Go up as far as you can then come back down one flight of stairs.
      The final water is indicated in the comments below about the poison/thin pillar.

  2. Near the very start, before you first encounter the Room, one almond water is on a table between two stacks of cardboard boxes against a wall. After that first almond water you mentioned, but in the same general area.

  3. One of the almond waters can also be found in that room with the poison and the thin pillar. If you keep going up the looping stairs, eventually, you will stop running into the looping room and find an almond water at the top.

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