The Banished Vault – Construction Guide (Scenario 2)

This second scenario teaches the basics of constructing buildings on a planet, and using them to create Stasis.

Scenario 2 – Construction

Outpost buildings perform many functions, but the primary ones harvest resources like Water or Iron from the planet surface, and create complex resources like Fuel and Stasis.

This scenario has some buildings constructed already, in future you must construct all the buildings you need.

Constructing Buildings

Travel to a planet and construct a water harvester building on the planet’s surface.

Step 1

Travel to the Planet: Go to the planet’s surface with your Exile, and all your resources. Once there, enter the surface view.

Step 2

Assign Laborer: Take the Exile from the ship and place them in the laborer slot on the location display.

Step 3

Select Building: On the building list, select the water harvester entry to start placing it on the grid.

Step 4

Choose Location: Harvester buildings require placement on the grid that covers a resource node. Place the water harvester on the surface grid spot that contains the Water resource.

Step 5

Construct Building: On the build display, select the Construct button. This uses the Iron in the Location Storage to construct the building.

Step 6

Restore Actions: End the turn to restore the Exile’s actions.

Operating Buildings

Use the water harvester to gather Water, and the other existing buildings to create Stasis and Fuel.

Step 1

Harvest Water: Select the water harvester to open its display. Select the Operate button to produce Water. Each building operation requires an action spent by the Exile in the laborer slot.

Step 2

Produce Stasis: Select the Stasis Producer figurine to open it. Note that creating Stasis needs Water, Titanium, and CO2. Now that you’ve harvested Water, all those resources are present at this location.

Operate the Stasis producer like you did the water harvester, and it uses the resources present to create Stasis. Operate it again to create a second unit of Stasis, enough for one Exile to hibernate.

Step 3

Produce Fuel: Operate the fuel producer to create fuel for your return journey. Harvest more Water as necessary, and end the turn to restore the Exile’s actions.

Step 4

Return to the Vault: Once you create enough fuel, return to the Vault with the Stasis you created. Transfer it to the Vault Reserves. Step 5 Begin hibernation.

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