The Banished Vault – Guide to Escaping a Solar System

How to Escape a Solar System

After the introductory scenarios, solar systems are randomly generated. The first solar system is designed to introduce you to the game as a whole, without more advanced concepts introduced later.

Your primary goal in each system is to escape before the Gloom arrives, and create enough Stasis to put all your Exiles into hibernation. Turns and Stasis will always be shown to you at the top of the game screen. If you make a mistake, restart the solar system using the button in the top left of your screen.

Step 1

To create Stasis, you need Water, CO2, and Titanium. Look for planets and moons with these symbols to harvest those resources.

Also take note of locations with Iron, to harvest for more building construction.

Step 2

Plan maneuvers to the locations with the resources you need. Remember to bring fuel for the return trip, or for a smaller ship to bring resources to another location.

Step 3

Load the items you need to construct buildings from the Vault onto ships. Constructing a Stasis Producer requires Alloy, Iron, and Titanium.

Use Quick Swap to quickly transfer items.

Most harvester buildings are constructed with Iron. Producers and other buildings require a combination of resources. Use the Reference section to determine your resource needs.

Step 4

Add Exiles to your ships. The more Exiles you have in one location, the more actions you can accomplish there per turn.

Step 5

Maneuver your ships to their destinations.

Step 6

Once your ships arrive, begin constructing buildings.

To better plan your outposts, place multiple buildings before constructing them. Once constructed, buildings cannot be removed.

Step 7

Harvest resources and create Stasis. You need 2 Stasis for each Exile. All resources must be at the same location as a stasis producer to create the Stasis. This may involve shipping resources from multiple outposts to a central outpost.

Step 8

Harvest and create spare resources for the next solar system.

Iron and Fuel are crucial, while Water and Titanium are useful.

Step 9

Return to the Vault with your Exiles and resources. Items stored on ships are taken to the next solar system after hibernation.

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