The Banished Vault – Tips, Tricks & Efficiencies

There are a few subtleties in The Banished Vault that might not be immediately apparent, and so are collected here to aid more advanced or efficient play.

Tips and Tricks

  • Your journey can hinge on the spare resources you bring to the next solar system. Iron and Fuel are crucial, Water and Titanium are important, and any spare Alloy saves time and travel.
  • Ships have a different Mass, which affects how efficiently engines generate Energy. Thrust is always the engine’s Thrust value modified by the ship’s Thrust value.
  • Planets closer to the sun have a higher Action Restore value, allowing for Exiles to have more actions per turn there.
  • Use Quick Swap to quickly move an Exile or item from a ship’s display to the Vault or location, and vice versa.
  • Buildings cannot be moved or destroyed once constructed. Place all of the buildings you need before constructing them to ensure your outpost layout is planned carefully.
  • To plan multiple maneuvers, it can be helpful to plan in reverse. Allocate fuel and resources for the final step of your maneuver, and then the penultimate, and so on. This ensures you have enough resources to achieve every maneuver in a sequence.
  • The more fuel spent on a single maneuver, the less efficient each individual unit of fuel is. To maximize your efficiency, plan multiple smaller maneuvers, if your Exiles have enough actions to do so.
  • Exiles with a higher faith better overcome hazards.
  • The Reference section outlines all building costs and uses.

Auriga Vault

The Auriga Vault is the home of your Exiles and the method of transport between solar systems. It is always located at the furthest location from the sun, and cannot be destroyed by the Gloom.


The Chronicle is a log written by your Exiles over the course of your journey. Once a Chronicle is written, your journey can end.

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