The Crew – How to Make Money

In this guide I’m going to show you the best ways to make money.

Making Money Guide

Faction Daily Login Reward

Factions & how to unlock them

If you’re in a faction you’re going to get rewarded for logging into the game. The first 2 factions is going to be unlocked when you leave the dirt tuner in detroit. The other factions are going to be unlocked when you find a new tuner.


The higher your rank, the more reward you get. To higher your level you have to complete faction missions wich can be found on the map. Also It’s recommended to join a faction that isn’t that popular, because It’s easier to get a higher rank, wich means you get more money.


  • Rookie – 2.000
  • Gangsta – 6.000
  • Thug – 15.000
  • Lieutenant – 40.000
  • Street Boss – 60.000
  • Under Boss – 100.000
  • Boss – 150.000


If you complete stuff from the award tab you can get an extra bonus % to your daily reward. The more award you complete, the more money you get.

Faction Bonus Missions

What are bonus missions?

Bonus missions unlocks if you’re in the winning faction. I recommend joining the wolf faction, since they win most of the time.

Bonus mission rewards

Bonus missions takes less than 10 minutes to complete and they give you 60.000 each time you complete them(you can replay as many times as you want).

It also gives you platinum parts for your cars.

Calling All Units DLC Method

With this DLC you unlock one of the best but most boring money method. In the midwest there’s a mission called HR management. You can complete this mission in less than 30 seconds, and it gives you 6900. Its boring but its one of the best money methods.

What’s Callong All Units DLC?

With the Calling All Units DLC you unlock police cars and one of the best method for making money.

8.650 in less than 30 seconds

Open your map, go to offenses. Now you’re going to see the crates, and some police missions. In Detroit (Midwest) there’s a mission called HR management. To complete this mission in less than 30 secounds you’re going to need the holeshot skill, wich can give you 100% nitrous at the start of the mission. To catch the bad guy as fast as you can use your nitro at the start of the mission to get at least 150 meter close to the car, then use your EMP to make the bad guy spin out, and you can catch him easily. For this you’re going to be rewarded with 6900, but if your police car is at max level you’re going to get an additional 1750 for the platinum medal. Repeat the mission as many times as you want.

Bonus faction missions with max level cop car

If the faction war ended and there’s bonus faction missions available, you can do the bonus mission in the midwest with a cop car, and if it’s max level, then it’s going to give you extra 15.000, so you can get 75.000 in one mission

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