The Curse of Monkey Island – Easter Eggs

Yarrr! Welcome to my small collection of easter eggs found in Monkey Island 3 – Curse of Monkey Island! I hope you enjoy these little jokes and bits of LucasArts history!

Easter Eggs

Youch – I Mean Pappapisshu!

If you look at the informative plaque before picking up the torn in the quicksand, you’ll learn that Pappapisshu is the native word for youch!. Guybrush will use Pappapisshu! instead of youch for the rest of the game if you look at the plaque.

Manny from Grim Fandango

  1. Make sure you’ve got the reservation for Blondebeards café (the chicken restaurant)
  2. Once in the cafe, push the quiet patron sitting by the table.

Hey! It’s Manny Calavera from Grim Fandango!

  1. Look at the button he dropped.
  2. Try to “talk” to Manny.

The Three-Headed Monkey!

Throughout Monkey Island 3 and infact several times in other Monkey Island Games Guybrush has used the phrase ‘Look out! A three-headed Monkey!’ To divert the attention of one of another character. Towards the end of the game, when riding the roller coaster, one of the areas that Guybrush must get off at has a model of a three-headed monkey!

Happy New Year!

If you set your system clock to January and talk to Palido Domingo (the sunbathing pale person on the other end of the Plunder Island beach) he’ll wish you a happy new year!

Cutthrout Bill Choking

On the Mega-Monkey mode, when Guybrush pats Cutthroat Bill’s back he will choke with the jawbreaker he’s chewing on. If you wait a few minutes he will slowly turn purple. Poor Bill!

Lightsabers in Monkey Island????

To get lightsaber sounds during Insult Swordfighting, hit SHIFT+J during the ship fighting scene.

Hidden Self-Advertisement

After getting into the beach club, use towels to cross the hot sand and talk to sunbathing pale person.

Once finished, pick up his cup and then look at it in your inventory, you will find the LucasArts logo on it.

Underwater Shenanigans

Follow these steps to discover this easter egg!

  1. Go to the beach where you get the egg from the tree on Blood Island.
  2. Walk to the water and select USE
  3. Repeat Step 2 until Guybrush agrees to do it.

Poor Guybrush…

The Trapped Hand

In the Goodsoup family crypt, go to the far left to the crack between the crypt and the gravedigger’s hut. If you USE the crack, Guybrush will stick his hand in, then take on a faux-German accent and say, “Aaaiii, my hand is stuck! You’ll have to cut it off!” Ouch!

Spider in “The Mutual of Stan”

On Blood Island after Stan the salesman has turned the generic crypt into “The Mutual of Stan”, walk inside and examine the “giant web” in the top left of the screen.

Guybrush will ask “I wonder where the spider that spun that web is?”

Now leave the crypt and re-enter it about 40 times. Eventually you will enter and see a tiny woman struggling to get free of the giant web. It’s Maggie from another LucasArts adventure called “The Dig.”

Monkey Island 1 Tree stump revisited

This is probably the most well-know easter egg. Just follow these steps and you’ll see!

  1. Enter the Goodsoup tomb.
  2. Once you escape from the stone coffin, “Examine the Crumbling hole” in the hallway.
  3. If done right, you should pop up back in the stump Monkey Island 1.

LucasArts book titles

  1. Get into the Goodsoup tomb.
  2. Go to the “crack” (not crumbling hole, mind you)
  3. Look in the crack. You will (hopefully) be looking in on the gravedigger’s quarters.
  4. There are two books laying in the foreground.
  5. Look at the titles. (They are names of classic LucasArts titles)

Is that an Indiana Jones Reference??

At some point in the game, you will be asked what you’re doing. You will be presented with the option of replying “I’m selling these fine leather jackets” This is a line from the LucasArts game Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. This line is also found in many other LucasArts games.

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