The Cycle: Frontier – Tips and Tricks for Single Playing

Just going into some basic pointers and make it easy to understand.

Solo Play Tips and Tricks

Step 1

Solo – in every single game there is meta way to move

The cycle you can bhop, slide then jump, mantle, and run with your knife out.

Wear a tactical helmet – keep a strong regular chest but wear the helmet that helps your stamina.

Sprint as soon as your stamina is full and make sure you dont gas your stam bar and always look for cover that you would slide bhop and sprint with your knife out.

Step 2

Get use to your movement drop 100 times and just get experience dying and moving as fast as you can.

Step 3

Use the skills you learn with step with fighting as solo. You need sneak creep and when its time to move you need to move time and place is everything. Here some pvp rules I follow.

  1. If someone looks at you and sprays you down and you have ar or smg don’t spray back instantly pull your knife. Slide jump any direction to cover and instantly heal or even return fire from a different angle if they don’t see you ( when you spray someone with any automatic who seen you at the same time your basically betting 50/50 on the fight.
  2. Running from a fight. Cant tell you how many time i get to 1hp and i run for my life with my knife out and escape from a sweaty 3man. When your chasing some1 or being and chased keep in mind when you aim on gun your stam regens really slow. so someone is really sweaty they will chase you without even aiming when they get the chance cuhz if they try to aim trace you after they sprint there sprint bar wont recover normally instead insanely slow.
  3. Get used to throwing grenades & sniping. If your bring in nades use them even if you don’t kill players. At first you’ll get used to how far they go and will naturally know when to use them when a player is holding a angle on you or getting pushed by multiple ppl. Sniping in this game is insanely easy to do even up-close if you crack someone in chest with sniper or head switch to your secondary to finish them up-close or even just snipe them 2 times but done forget rule one with the sniper!

Step 4

Use bushes, trees, cave, and even roofs to hide from people.

Okay a hope this helps a few peeps my last and final advice is read your attachments some look the same but arnt and the basic smg is the worst weapon in game i mean worst don’t get mad at it just don’t use it budget kit can hit really hard especially if your using sniper as secondary.

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