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The Cycle Frontier can be pretty tough especially if you are new to the game and this where having insurance can come in pretty handy. In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about Insurance in the game.

The Insurance in Cycle Frontier will help you recover the cost of your items if you die and lose all of your gear. This can be very useful for beginners who have just started the game and are still learning all the different mechanics. There are two types of insurance available in the game: Gear Salvage and Standard Insurance.

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In Standard Insurance which can be purchased using K-Marks, you can pay a fraction of the item cost to receive the entire sum back in case you die an untimely death. This amount will be transferred to your quarters in the game.

If you manage to survive, you will still receive a substantial amount of K-marks that will recover the cost of your insurance. For example, if you pay 740 K-Marks to secure your items then you will be able to receive up to 2150 K-Marks if you die in the game.

The Gear Salvage Insurance lets you insure your items but instead of receiving K-marks in return, the item which you have insured will be returned back to you in case of an untimely death. It can be purchased using Ethereum or Insurance tokens currency that is available in the game.

You need to drag and drop items while selecting your loadout to the insurance menu on your right to insure the items that you want. Here you will be able to choose both types of insurance:

  • Standard Insurance.
  • Gear Salvage.

Do note that you can only insure your armour, backpack and weapons in the game. The exact amount that you need to pay and the amount you will receive are shown in the top left corner before you press the deploy button in the game.

The Insurance amount can be claimed from the Income Generator machine located in your quarters. This insurance package can hold upto 20 insurances that you can collect after your death.

Now it’s time to talk about how the insurance mechanics actually work in the game.

Suppose if you insure your weapon and then you modify it then you won’t be able to claim your insurance later and the entire amount will be forfeited. The same case applies if you throw away your weapon or if your teammate loots your weapon or collects it from you. You cannot commit insurance fraud as your entire insurance amount will be gone and won’t be returned back to you.

The only way you will be able to claim your insurance is if the enemy loots your weapon and successfully manages to evacuate or if nobody loots you and the weapon gets despawned. You will also receive your insurance money if your enemy loots you and then dies but doesn’t get looted by your teammate.

In the case of the basic insurance, you will be paid in K-marks while the Salvage insurance will return your item if the item despawns from the map after 45 minutes. The amount of K-marks that you will receive is the same amount that you will be paid if you sell your item to a trader so it will vary for each item.

For example, if you purchase a gun for 21,000 K-Marks then you won’t be 21,000 if you insure it but you will only receive the amount that is worth to the trader when you sell your gun.

So you need to select the right type of insurance according to your requirements and insure only those items that are important to you. Always claim your insurance on time as the income generator can only hold 20 packages on insurance otherwise your money will be wasted if you don’t claim it on time.

Don’t commit insurance fraud in the game as it doesn’t work and you will end up losing your money. The Standard Insurance is the one you should always pick up as you will be able to claim the amount most of the time.

That’s it, these are all things you should know about insurance in The Cycle: Frontier. Don’t forget to insure your items especially if you are new to the game as it will help you recover a lot of money as you learn the mechanics of the game.

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  1. The insurance screen pops up before you deploy to Fortuna III. You deploy With Insurance or Without.

  2. You should using no insurance if you’re using really cheap gear that you plan to replace with something better as soon as you get a kill, otherwise the majority of the time you just run standard insurance on all your gear. Save the tokens for the really rare stuff (ideally when you’re running with friends, otherwise if they can’t kill the guy who killed you it’ll almost certainly be stolen and downgrade you to standard insurance regardless)

  3. As a side note, moving an insured item to your backpack or stash will not void insurance. So if I find a higher armor on the battlefield, I can wear it and move the other into my backpack.

  4. Regarding teammates looting your stuff, does the insurance expire only when they extract with it, or does them touching your loot at all void the insurance? Would be nice if your buddies can pick up your guns and hide them in a bush for you when you die like in tarkov.

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