The Cycle – How to Make Money / Credits (Playtest)

Here is a short and quick guide to moneymaking.

Moneymaking Guide

Medium Risk, Easier

The most easiest route to go is to the abandoned mine to digsite extract repeat. Do this if you’re really low on money and just want to be in and out quickly. Its not always safe but if you’re quick you’ll be fine.

White bag, white armour is fine cheap weapon, shotgun or pdw if you want to be cheap with it will work fine for this. Don’t fight people if you can just shoot to make them want to heal then run.

High Risk, High Reward

With this run I normally do the same run as before digsite abandoned mine if i spawn on the RIGHT side of the map.

Well with run i normally stick only to the outer ring of the jungle, the strat is to keep 50% stamina as reserve at all times in case you are chased by the many creatures in jungle. Now just run along the edge, and mine away.

Written by SUMatt

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