The Cycle – Optic Glass Bright Sands Map Location (Playtest)

Bright sands map location where a lot of Optic Glass spawns as loose items and in drawers.

Where to Find Optic Glass

In this tall building in Rock Pools, as loose items and in drawers.

The Map

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  1. It spawns as a static drop right on the table top of the white “science desk” unlootable-prop that have uninteractive decorative vials/beakers scattered etc. on them. Vaccine AND waterfall labs have these tables that spawn Optic Glass on them, and it is the source of the non-drawer optic glass in Rock Pools Tower. I’m not sure if there are other static drops for it on the map besides these tables, and of course the loot tables of draws and I think Hidden Caches/Stashes. I think it’s safe to say that if you find any of these specific “science table” props scattered in the small structures in-between the named location points there would be a chance to find Optic Glass resting static on the surface.

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