The Day I Died – Achievement Guide

A short guide describing how to unlock the achievements. This is not a walkthrough.

Guide to Achievements


Beware: spoilers ahead!

This is a short game, and can be finished in around 1-2 hours.

The game features a great hint system so I don’t really think a full walkthrough is needed. However anyone is free to use the information found in this guide and make their own step by step walkthrough.


Baby steps

  • Solve your first puzzle

Welcome To The Pit

  • Reach m1 floor

Mirror, mirror, on the wall

  • Reach the security office on 1st floor and start watching the cams’ footage


This is technically missable but you really need to suck to die on the first zombie encounter.

Just kill your first zombie. its easy.

Another Day At The Office

  • Kill the first zombie on the first try

Highly Missable

For this you need to find 3 lab coats on the 1st floor and scrap them in your inventory. After that combine all 3 fabrics to make a rope.

Finally after you created a hole in the bathroom before dropping down attach the rope to a toilet nearby.

Plan Ahead

  • Have the rope set before you enter floor m1

This you will likely unlock without trying on your first playthrough. simply jump down to the m1 floor after making the hole without attaching a rope to a toilet.

Plan Ahea

  • Do not have the rope set when you enter floor m1

When you drop down to m1 floor kill a zombie nearby on the right side. After it’s dead use your axe on his body.

Put fingers on everything

  • Cut off lab lead’s finger before you actually need to

Before entering the chem storage room in m1 floor on the left side, be sure to grab the hazmat suit on the 1st floor (its guarded by 2 zombies, in the big lab room) and the flashlight on m1 floor in the kitchen (on the left side).

Too Easy For A Pro

  • Have the hazmat suit and flashlight on you when you approach the chem storage room for the first time.

After you enter the generator room on the m1 floor you will be tasked with getting different items.

Before you go to the chem room, look inside one of the small rooms on the m1 floor in the middle corridor. you should be able to find the catalogue on a file cabinet.

The Prepared One

  • Check the inventory catalogue before you go for the welding metals

This one may sound tricky but its actually quite easy as the zombie attacks are very predictable.

Its recommended to switch difficulty to easy so you would only need 3 hits to kill a zombie.

There’s 11 zombies in total that you need to kill, if you don’t feel comfortable and afraid to get hit. It’s possible to back up your save file. the game autosaves quite often so just back up your save after every encounter.

Save can be found in:

  • TDID\TDID_Data\Resources and its called tdiddata.

Combat Expert

  • Kill all zombies without taking any damage.
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