The Desolate Hope – Attacks Explanatory Guide

This is meant for beginners. This does reveal the secret fighter and their moves.

Guide to Explain Attacks

Alphus’ Attacks


A simple attack with no effects, does small damage but decent enough for the weaker enemies.


A sheild that blocks all damage from any (enemy) attack. However can only do this for one or two attacks, a good defensive move.

Grid Turret

Creates a turret that will fire on the enemy for a period of time (The in game desc. says it all. simple and decent).


Creates a tazer-pod that shocks the enemy, when enemy is shocked they will also be slowed.


Each time a derelict (ally) gets hit, the counter-bot will strike back. Only lasts for a certain about of time.

Med Beacon

Heals allies overtime, and removes most negative status’s.

Solar Ball

A powerful attack that deals loads of damage, def. worth saving up for and great against some tankier bosses. Also Burns the enemy.

Load Plook’s

Starts a Rpg Style Minigame In The Top Left Corner Of The Screen.

Bio-Beta’s Attacks


Doubles the attack recharge speed for all allies for a set time.


Increases the dodge time for a certain amount of time.

Burn Virus

Deals damage overtime to the enemy for a certain amount of time.

Slug Virus

Halves the enemy attack recharge speed for a set amount of time.

Toy Virus

Makes the enemy’s stats 0, and turns them into a harmless toy for a mount of time (Does not work on the final boss).

Break Virus

Lowers both the enemy attack and defense for a period of time.

Toxin Laser

High damage attack that inflicts several negative status’ effects on the enemy. (Poison,Slug,Burn,And Break)

Load Funroad

Starts Driving Minigame In The Top Left Corner Of The Screen.

Mirad’s Attacks


A (seemingly) simple solid strike, but does more damage the more stored up health you have.

Store Strike

Stores attack damage, whatever damage you deal to the enemy is added to the strike store in a clickable button at the top of the screen. Can go up to 999 at max, when clicked, deals the stored up damage and then any boosts added.

Store Heal

Another clickable button storage attack.. Stores health on the top of the screen in a clickable button. Will give 1 hp to 1 ally (that hp isnt maxxerd) every second, when clicked, will heal the entire party that amount of hp (Devided up or course).

Store Autoplay

Stores autoplay in a button, when a minigame is on and the button is clicked, every 1 second removes 1 from the storage, and ALL minigames will be played for you.

Store Charge

Stores charge in a clickable button, when clicked, all allies get that amount of stored charge added.

Store Invun.

This will create a button that provides 5 seconds of invulnerability when clicked.

Store Revive

Stores a revive in a clickable button, when used, refills all ally hp and revives dead members.

Load Dragon

Starts A Top-Down Shooter Minigame In The Top Left Corner Of The Screen.

Malenz’s Attacks

Quick Repair

Revives dead allies with low health, and restores low health to alive allies.


Okay damage, hits 3 times in a row. Good for combos.


Double damage for a short amount of time. Great with moves such as: Toxin Laser, Solar Ball, Frost Bite


Double defense for a short amount of time.


Shocks the enemy randomly for a period of time.


Malenz second most great attack, stuns the enemy, making them unable to attack or dodge, for a brief period of time. Also does pretty good damage.


And Malenz’s best attack, brings all charge to max, allowing for all allies to use pretty much any of their attacks. By itself, okay. But wonderful for combos and getting out of tricky spots.

Load Old West

Starts An Old Duck Hunt Type Of Shooter In The Top Left Corner Of The Screen.

Secret Fighter’s Attacks

If you dont know, amos is a secret alley that needs to be unlocked to be used in battle. He is a expection to the charge move, as he requires no charge to use any of his attacks and also has to health and thus isnt attacked.

Pep Talk

All allies are revives and fully restored to their max health, gives you all stored buffs (1 revive, 5 seconds of invulnerabillity, 10 charge points, a minute of autoplay, 999 stored healing, and 1000 stored strike) and finally gives you every buff.

Frost Bite

Does an huge amount of damage, great with damage boosters.

Ice Bomb

A timer for 60 seconds is set, after that deals damage based on how much damage you did while the ice bomb was ticking down. Also great with damage boosters if alot of damage is delt. (EX: solar ball)


Removes all negative status effects, and protects from all negative status’ for a set time.

Chill Charger

Prevents enemy attack charge from reaching maximum charge.

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