The Division 2 – World Tier Guide

A basic guide on how to advance your world tiers in Division 2.

Guide to World Tiers

All credit goes to Pixelmonarch!

Advancing World Tiers – Info

Advancing after LVL 30 can be pretty confusing and for some reason Division 2 decided to make it able to “break” your game if you don’t do it properly, so here is a guide on how to advance from LVL 30 to World Tier 5.

Note: If your Gear Score isn’t as high as the requirements, you might not advance to the next tier. If this happen, there is a simple solution. All you have to do is re-playing the Strongholdd (in “Invasion” mode) with a friend. Make sure that they will be the leader of the group so you play on their map not on yours.

Requirements to Advance

World Tier 1

  • Reach Level 30
  • Select a specialization in the Whitehouse from Coop Dennison (Quartermaster)

You will unlock Gear Score up to 300 and all the Invasion missions.

World Tier 2

  • Reach Gear Score 275
  • Finish the invaded missions Grand Washington Hotel & Jefferson Trade Center
  • Finish the invaded stronghold District Union Arena

You will unlock Gear Score up to 350.

World Tier 3

  • Reach Gear Score 325
  • Finish the invaded missions Air & Space Museum & Space Administration
  • Finish the invaded stronghold Capitol Building

You will unlock Gear Score up to 400.

World Tier 4

  • Reach Gear Score 375
  • Finish the invaded missions Federal Emergency Bunker & Potomac Event Center
  • Finish the invaded stronghold Roosevelt Island

You will unlock Gear Score up to 450.

World Tier 5

  • Reach Gear Score 425
  • Finish the invaded Stronghold Capitol Building, District Union Arena & Roosevelt Island
  • Finish the final invaded stronghold Tidal Basin

You will unlock Gear Score up to 515.


To upgrade your workbench, make sure you have the relevant resources and reached the World Rank. Go to your workbench (next to Inaya al-Khaliq) and keep X pressed to upgrade. It should show you a message that you can upgrade your workbench. If it doesn’t, you might not have all the needed resources or e-cash.

Good luck out there, Agents.

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  1. these are not requirments to advance a tier, all you have to do is complete a stronghold, nor does geasrscore affect if you will or wont, just that a available stonghold is completed.
    also the order doesnt matter, all that needs to happen is to do the 2 missions linked to a stronghold to unlock it, and then each stonghold will take you up a tier, also you can do all the missions in one go at world tier 1 and then do each stronghold after. there is no set path.

    • I’ve got that info right from the Ubisoft Info page. I think they know it better 🙂 If you look through Reddit, you can see that these infos are confirmed. There is a difference between the GS needed to play a mission and the GS needed to advance.

      • they dont, i can assure you of that, that info may have been valid during year 1 regarding gearscore, but no longer is today, currently you can go into any mission at any point with your gear being even world tiers behind.

        and there is no required set order, from release you can do any of the strongholds in any order, they are setup to modular in how you do them, so it isnt a requirement to do DUA at world tier 1, you could do roosevelt or capitol for it instead.

        • I’ve experienced it and can assure you if you don’t have the valid Gear Score, you won’t advance to the next World Tier. And about the missions, it’s to keep the story of the Tom Clancy story in order.

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