The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition – Guide to Stormcloaks vs Imperials

Find out which faction is best for you.

Which Faction to Choose



  • Religious freedom.
  • Support the traditional Nord way of life.
  • Incredibly accepting of, and friendly to Nords.


  • Will die for Ulfic Stormcloak.
  • Racist against non-Nords.
  • Dislike the Thalmor.

Additional info

  • Based in Windhelm.
  • Armor generally has less defense then Imperial armor.
  • Falkreath Stormcloak Camp.
  • Haafingar Stormcloak Camp.
  • Hjaalmarch Stormcloak Camp.
  • Pale Stormcloak Camp.
  • Reach Stormcloak Camp.
  • Rift Stormcloak Camp.
  • Whiterun Stormcloak Camp.
  • Winterhold Stormcloak Camp.

Imperial Legion


  • Racial equality.
  • Somewhat friendly to the Thalmor.
  • More powerful (has no effect on gameplay).


  • Believe the only way to restore peace to Skyrim is to kill Ulfric Stormcloak and destroy the rebellion.
  • Against traditional Nord customs.
  • Outlaw worship of Talos.

Additional Info

  • Based in Solitude.
  • Armor generally has higher defense than the Stormcloaks’.
  • Eastmarch Imperial Camp.
  • Windhelm Military Camp.
  • Falkreath Imperial Camp.
  • Hjaalmarch Imperial Camp.
  • Pale Imperial Camp.
  • Reach Imperial Camp.
  • Rift Imperial Camp.
  • Whiterun Imperial Camp.
  • Winterhold Imperial Camp.
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  1. So basically, it’s racist vikings who only know how to kill things, and a bunch of pussies who rolled over so the elves could do whatever. The solution here is getting a mod to let you either take control yourself or just destroy them both. Or maybe just the thalmor. Fck the thalmor.

  2. How is banning the deity of a race and sending anyone who worships said deity to prison equate to “racial equality”. Also shouldn’t the not liking the Thalmor be a pro, or am i missing something. Ulfric isnt the puppet but the whole war is being puppeted by the Thalmor on both sides, the Thalmor even admit it would be a disaster if ulfric won and united skyrim, they just want to help the empire to prolong the war and assume the empire will win. Lets not forget an army of nords already kicked all the elves out and created the empire to start with, and that was with less men than ulfric has.

  3. “you were trying to cross the border right? damn imperials.” these words spoken to the Dragonborn at the start imply to me that the Dragonborn was potentially crossing borders illegally. I don’t have much time spent playing so I don’t know if there is more explained into this at a later point in the story.

    • you are correct,but this is not illegal,or its just illegal in the imperials eyes. one more thing. All Elder Scrolls game begins with the main character sitting in a prison,but the committed crime is never explained. So,the blocck is a little more than extreme to me. :DDD

      • That was the actions of one, Imperial Captain, You can judge a whole government body based on the actions of one person. Who by the way, isn’t a Legate, she’s one of the lowest ranks in the Imperial army.

  4. The Thalmor only exist in the Empire because Mede sold it for a peace he’d already won. Two generations have been born since the Great War, and the Elves haven’t replenished their numbers due to their low birth rates. The Empire doesn’t need Skyrim to resist the Thalmor, and Skyrim doesn’t need the Empire to survive. The Dominion can’t even take Hammerfell, much less the whole of Tamriel.

    • facts….err, or rather non-facts!
      Immediately following the total destruction of the Aldmeri Legion in Tamriel, Titus Mede II signed the White-Gold Concordat. Cuz “It was just a matter of time before the empire was overwhelmed”. Nonsense of couse, 1) the imperials could have conscritpted half of Skyrim just by publishing the terms of the WGC. 2) Redguards unhappy with the terms, continued fighting….and forced their own (much more favorable) treaty with the HE 5 years later by themselves. Not sure if the write of ESV lore meant to make the imperials look like clowns but if so he knocked it out of the park

  5. Hope,that no one is forgetting the fact that the empire sends the hero to the block. Fact. Without any reason,or at last,thats not explained. At this point by my opinion it is a reason for the hero to go againt them,and not help them.Another option is remaining neutral,if ther is a way to do that. 🙂

  6. also the empire is planning a counter attack against the thalmor after theyre done with the stormcloaks they arent just lying down and letting the thalmor walk all over them like ulfric would have you believe theyre just bidding their time until they can fight back

  7. This misses several things,
    1. The Empire only outlawed the worship of Talos so that they weren’t wiped out by the Thalmor.
    2. IF the Thalmor did wipe out the Empire, Talos worship would be outlawed, and Humans (Nords, Redguard, Imperials, and Bretons) would at best be living like the Dark Elves are in Windhelm,and at worst be slaves.
    3. Ulfric in lore is a puppet of the Thalmor, they wanted him to start the Civil War, to keep the Empire weak, so that when they go to war again, they have a easier chance of winning.

    I have no hate here, just giving some missed infomation.

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