The Entropy Centre – How to Befriend “E” and Other Friendly Bots

Have you ever wanted a friendly bot companion to accompany you on your time-bending puzzle adventures?

Guide to Befriend E and Other Friendly Bots

Befriending a Bot

  • Step 1: Find a friendly bot (such as ‘E’).
  • Step 2: Boop the bot lightly on its visor screen.
  • Step 3: Proceed to feed it RAM sticks to boost its brain power.

After feeding the bot Five 16GB DDR5 RGB RAM sticks, you have secured yourself a new friend who will follow you from behind. This new fond companion can also unlock doors that were once inaccessible!

Happy travels!

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    • Because not everything has to be serious. A little humor and cuteness goes a long way and sometimes it helps uplift the mood to read something silly where you least expect it for once))))

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