The Evil Within 2 – Harder Difficulties Basic Tips

A few basic tips and tricks that helped me get through Nightmare and Akuma difficulty.

Tips and Hints for Nightmare and Akuma Difficulty

Looting and Exploration

This is especially important at the early stages of the game, as you are given a large open area to explore. All you really have to do is explore and loot everything in Union before you move on with the main quest. Do the sidequests, loot mobius operatives, get that sniper rifle fixed ASAP. Stealth kill all of the enemies for those extra supplies. This will become very useful later in the game during bossfights and scripted combat scenes.

If you’ve played the first game, it had that cool mechanic where you never ran out of ways to kill your foes – no matter how little ammo you had, you could always win a fight. I figured that isn’t the case in TEW2, as I had to load save files simply because I ran out of resources for combat. If you follow this tip, you will have plenty of ammunition and crafting resources when need rises.


In the first game, after a few hours of playing, I gave up on stealth at all. After some stamina upgrades I could just run and gun to my heart’s content, as there were many more creative ways to kill your opponents than in TEW2.

Stealth is a very important aspect of succeeding in TEW2 on harder difficulties. It will help you gather a lot of green goo without wasting any ammunition that you might need later in the game. You can kill most of your enemies with stealth attacks – some enemies may require 2 of them, but that’s okay, because with enough dedication you can even sneak kill all Laments.

The correct way to do this is just sneak around, try to kill an enemy, if you get spotted just run away for two seconds and then hide behind a car or something. The enemies are dumb – duh, they’re zombies – so they forget about you in a heartbeat.

You should try to kill all enemies you find for maximum resources.

If you’re playing on Akuma difficulty, try not throwing your bottles too often. They will help you in a different way.


If you’ve done enough exploring, you have found a journal that made you become hunted by Anima for the rest of the game. From now on she is going to chase you in scripted scenes and in random unscripted scenes on different occasions. It might seem really annoying but you can totally use that to your advantage.

One thing to notice is that Anima makes all enemies around you disappear. I used her chase scenes as an opportunity to get to wherever I was headed to without having to engage enemies. So if she starts chasing you, just bolt in the direction you wanna go and it will effectively become a handy fast travel mechanic. She is very slow so she won’t ever catch up to you.

Weapon Upgrades

Get one sniper rifle firepower upgrade and that’s enough, that gun is powerful enough so you don’t need any more of those. I personally like to max out pistol and shotgun – shotgun is especially useful for those fast crawling enemies but using shells to kill regular zombies is a waste, so maxing out your pistol as a secondary option is a good idea.

Green & Red Goo Upgrades

Get bottle break, ambush, second chance and predator. Ignore the health tree as it is useless, especially on Akuma.

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