The Fairytale of Death – Ending Guide

If you must undertake this journey, I can show you the way.

Guide to Get Ending


This is my first attempt at making a guide, so it’s going to be clunky and underwhelming, but hopefully somewhat helpful.

I did a fairly detailed negative review on this game already, but I’m not arrogant enough to assume everyone will see it, let alone take my advice.

To briefly summarize, It took me over two and a half hours to find my way to the end. The story was underwhelming, and the ending was irritating.

I didn’t have a good time, and would not recommend you waste yours.

But If you still want to try, here are the choices I made that got me to the end, with this info you can get there much faster than I did.

If I had to make a rough estimate, this will still take between 40 and 60mins, give or take.

Correct Choices

I’m sorry I didn’t think to take screenshots of every choice, I wasn’t planning on making a guide.

Spoiler warning for the ones I did take at the end.

Here they are, in order:

  • Choice #1: Grab both the wand, and the baby.
  • Choice #2: Just keep running.
  • Choice #3: Carefully walk over the trapdoor.
    • Note: Walk over, not jump over, or walk around.
  • Choice #4: Wand [drop it], soak the blankets, and wrap your feet.
    • Note: It’s possible that you may have been able to get rid of the wand before this, but you HAD to ditch it here. I hadn’t interacted with it since picking it up…seemed like a bad idea to try.
  • Choice #5: Take the glass sphere.
    • Note: Not the light that you feel at ease with, you want the sphere that feels sad.
  • Choice #6: Climb over the beam.
    • Note: I got this on the first try, so I didn’t attempt any other options.
  • Choice #7: The box on the far-right side of the room, next to the green candle.
    • Note: The game suggested that it may not always be in the same place, I only hit this screen twice so I don’t know if it actually does move or not. The correct choice should always be the chest that’s next to the green candle.
  • Choice #8: Spoiler…this choice doesn’t matter, it’s the final one, and the game clearly states there’s only one ending…just pick whichever one you’re most at peace with.

And that’s it chief.

You Did It! Yay?

With that you’ve completed the book that shouldn’t have been written.

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