THE FINALS – How to Disable Mouse Acceleration (Playtest)

This short guide explains how to do it.

Guide to Disable Mouse Acceleration


  1. Go to C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Discovery\Saved\Config\WindowsClient
  2. Open Engine.ini
  3. Make a new line and then add:


  1. if you dont see any of the folders,
    go to the top of the file explorer window
    click view
    at the bottom; click show
    click hidden items

    hope this helps ^^

  2. I dont see an Engine.ini folder I only see an Engine folder. Which when I put in the script it doesnt change anything in game.

    • Click ur windows search (or windows key) and type “%APPDATA%” without the “. That’ll take u to Appdata/Roaming. From there u can back out a directory and go to AppData/Local. The AppData directory is “hidden” by default in Windows, but that can be changed in the Windows Explorer. If u wanna do that, just do a quick Google search.

  3. Thanks!

    If you use the Windows environment variable (%USERNAME%) in the path, people don’t even have to edit it with their username asit should resolve automatically to their profile. 😉


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