The First Descendant – New Shard Farm (4 Mins)

Quick Guide to New Shard Farm

By Broccer.

Solo is around 12-14k shards excluding module dismantle. +1 person gives around 18-22k shards excluding module dismantle.

This is with a 30% shard drop rate and 0 shard modifiers on external parts. Per run you can get around 9-14 modules with 3 being rare mods rounding it up to 18k solo and 26k with a +1 when you dismantle them.

The Method

  • Start the mission then run to the first terminal marked with the circle.
  • Allow the first wave of enemies to touch the terminal to stop the timer. (best if you let 2 or 3 on)
  • To let this happen grapple back to the top of the hill and wait.
  • Start killing but not the ones on the terminal.
  • The X marks the spawn locations of the enemies, run between those two locations whenever the enemies stop spawning.
  • If you have a +1 just take a spot each and keep killing till the timer runs out then collect your loot.

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That’s all! I really appreciate it if you’ve made it this far. See you in the game!

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