The First Descendant – Research Quest (Beta Guide)

In the fourth guide, let’s take a look at the research quest that allows you to acquire a new Descendant.

Please note that the guide is in line with the Steam Beta Test, and that some of the contents may be modified in the official service.

What Is Research Quest?

Research quest is a feature that allows you to acquire Descendants other than the initially selected Descendant.

It can also craft the crystallization catalyst required to reset the Descendant’s level.

During the Steam Beta Test period, a total of 10 Descendants are available.

Except for the initially selected Descendant, the other 9 Descendants can be acquired through the research quest.

Descendants that can be acquired during the Steam Beta Test period.

Information about Descendants can be found in official website Game Info > Character, and it can also be viewed within the game from the Descendant (Shortcut: H).

For research quests, the necessary materials, research cost and time can be checked from “Xenia” of Albion.

Xenia” of Albion Location.

Research Quest Method

Research quests can be proceeded from “Xenia” of Albion.

A certain amount of gold is required for research materials and research quests, and each research quest takes a certain amount of time.

The material and gold required to acquire new Descendants can be obtained by eliminating monsters during missions, quest rewards, world missions, and Void Intercept Battles.

Based on the obtained research material, you can craft main necessary material through research quests to proceed with the Descendant research quest.

Carrying out research quest through “Xenia” of Albion allows you to see available research quest list, time, and cost. Also, clicking the quests allows you to check the required research material.

However, due to the limited time of the Steam Beta Test, there may be insufficient opportunities to experience various Descendants.

So we plan to open the Event Shop during the Beta Test period to provide an opportunity for you to experience new Descendants.

Please refer to the TIP below for more details!

Tip: How to quickly and easily acquire Descendants during the Steam Beta Test!

During the Steam Beta Test period, you will be able to see the “Event Shop” by talking to “Xenia” of Albion.

You can purchase the research quest material of the desired Descendants with Caliber (Cash Currency) directly from the Event Shop.

Also, the Descendant research quest can be immediately completed through Boost Research with Caliber (Cash Currency).

Xenia of Albion Event Shop.

While in a research, the status of Research Institute turns into Researching. Click the research and proceed the Boost Research to immediately complete it by using Caliber.

After completing the research, the Descendant can only be acquire by clicking the screen, and the acquired Descendant will be available at the Descendant (Shortcut:H) menu.

Descendant (Shortcut:H).

The gold and Calibers required for research can be viewed from the Inventory (Shortcut: I).

Inventory (Shortcut: I).

Caliber (Cash Currency) can be obtained by completing the in-game event mission during the Beta Test.

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