The First Descendant – Void Fragment Drop / Location Table (Hard)

All Void Fragment Locations

A table that contains all Void Fragment Locations, elements, and resource rewards on hard.

  • World Difficulty: Hard
KingstonGrand SquareNon-Attribute3x Mono, 3x Poly, 3x Inor, 4x Orga
Sterile LandsIronworksChill4x Mono, 3x Poly, 3x Inor, 3x Orga
Sterile LandsRepositoryElectric12x Mono, 3x Inor
Sterile LandsRestricted ZoneFire3x Mono, 4x Poly, 3x Inor, 4x Orga
Sterile LandsRockfallElectric11x Mono, 4x Poly
VespersThe RuinsChill11x Poly, 4x Mono
VespersLost Supply DepotFire13x Poly, 2x Orga
VespersMoonlight LakeNon-Attribute3x Mono, 3x Poly, 3x Inor, 4x Orga
VespersTimberfallNon-Attribute3x Mono, 4x Poly, 3x Inor, 4x Orga
Agna DesertThe StorageFire12x Ogra, 3x Mono
Agna DesertThe MiningsiteElectric14x Mono, 1x Poly
Agna DesertMiragestoneNon-Attribute4x Mono, 3x Poly, 3x Inor, 4x Orga
Agna DesertVermilion WasteElectric13x Orga, 2x Inor
Echo SwampAbandoned ZoneToxic11x Inor, 4x Poly
Echo SwampDerelict CovertToxic12x Inor, 2x Orga
Echo SwampMuskeg SwampFire12x Orga, 1x Mono
White-night GulchMoongrave BasinNon-Attribute3x Mono, 3x Poly
White-night GulchObservatoryChill13x Poly, 2x Mono
White-night GulchShipment BaseToxic12x Inor, 3x Orga
White-night GulchHatcheryFire13x Orga, 2x Inor
White-night GulchThe MountaintopsToxic13x Inor, 2x Poly
HagiosDune BaseFire13x Ogra, 3x Mono
HagiosThe Corrupted ZoneFire11x Orga, 3x Inor
HagiosFractured MonolithNon-Attribute3x Mono, 3x Poly, 3x Inor, 4x Orga
FortressFallen ArkElectric12x Mono, 3x Inor
FortressFrozen ValleyChill13x Poly, 2x Orga
FortressDefense LineChill11x Poly, 4x Mono

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