The Flame in the Flood – 100% Full Achievement Guide

How to Obtain All Achievements

Achievement List & How To Get Them

Quite a lot of the achievements are self-explanatory and don’t need additional information. I will be providing tips and tricks for the ones that do.

Stay Warm – Build a campfire.

Pay It Forward – Start a new game with items in Aesop’s/Daisy’s bag.

  • You only get this achievement if you die and restart the game. If you return to an earlier checkpoint, you do not get the achievement. The best way to approach this is to finish the campaign, put your best items (such as jerky, bearhide or wolfhide clothes, raft upgrade materials etc.) in the doggy’s bag, and then die. You will start the new adventure much better equipped.

The Grey – Kill a wolf.

  • The best way to kill a wolf is to poison it with a tainted bait, you need raw or cooked meat and devil’s trumpet to craft it. Usually the bait gets eaten up by one wolf, but sometimes I could pick up the bait after the first wolf died and fed it to a second wolf.

I been everywhere, man – Visit every location type.

There are 10 location types in the game, these are:

  • Bait Shop
  • Campsite
  • Church
  • Clinic
  • Farmstead (for example, where you begin the game)
  • Filling station
  • Hardware Shop
  • Liquor Shop
  • Marina
  • Wilderness

In my campaign run, the last one I encountered was the clinic, and campsites and farmsteads were more common in the beginning. You will get this achievement naturally if you play through the campaign.

Snake Charmer – Lure a hostile animal into a snake.

  • This is very helpful when you have a pack of wolves or a bear to deal with. You can also lure boars to snakes. It takes a couple of snake bites to kill them. Luring other hostile animals to each other is also a good strategy, since one will end up dead and the other wounded.

High Ground – Reach High Ground in the Campaign Mode.

Pack Rat – Expand your inventory to the maximum.

  • You need 2 pouches for this, each pouch adds 4 new slots, for a maximum of 28 slots.

Forager – Eat every type of plant.

  • Ash cake (made from corn)
  • Cattail
  • Cooked Meat
  • Cooked Yucca
  • Corn
  • Dandelion
  • Garlic
  • Moldy lump
  • Mulberries

Invincible – After 20 days of travel, have every stat at 100% and no afflictions.

The Path Up – Reach Angel Yards in Campaign Mode.

Field Medic – Cure 30 afflictions in a single playthrough.

Can Bearly Take It – Kill a bear.

  • The bears are strong and resilient creatures. The best way I’ve figured out is to set up at least 3 spear traps in front of their den, and then lure them out of it, either with an arrow or by getting close.

The Kingdom – Reach The Kingdom in Campaign Mode.

By A Thread – Have 10 stacked afflictions

  • They do not have to be 10 different afflictions, multiple lacerations, broken bones, food poisoning etc. can also do the trick.

Seafarer – Fully upgrade your raft in a single playthrough.

  • You can only repair and upgrade your raft at Marinas. To get all the upgrades you will need a total of 12 raft schematics (not craftable, has to be looted), 16 raft frameworks (requires lumber to craft), and 15 raft hardware (requires nuts and bolts to craft).

Locusta – Poison 20 wolves with tainted meat.

Chatty – Speak with every river resident.

  • This one happens naturally as you play, each river resident has a different type of location they reside in and spawn randomly (as far as I can tell). The residents are:
    • Cocteau: tattooed, sailor looking gravedigger, found at churches.
    • Feral children: two kids, found at campsites.
    • Flimflam: strange trader guy, found at a specific point in the Campaign, won’t miss him. his deals aren’t necessarily the best ones, be careful when talking to him so you don’t accidentally accept a rough deal (i accidentally traded a campfire for a dang Yucca)
    • Helen cockrow: old lady, found on farmsteads.
    • Magnolia: old witch (?), found at filling stations.
    • Quincy Collie: a nice old man, a mechanic, found at a specific point in the Campaign.

Seamstress – Make 50 articles of clothing.

Mechanic – Repair 1000 points of raft health.

  • This is not in a single playthrough, but all of your playthroughs combined.

In Wolf’s Clothing – Equip a full set of Wolf Hide clothing.

Speedboat – Travel 20 miles with the raft motor running.

  • You will need to stock up on gas, food and water for this one.

Hallelujah – Sleep in 20 churches.

Arctic Survivor – Equip a full set of Bear Hide clothing.

Animal Friend – Complete the campaign without killing any animals.

  • This can be tough because animals are a good source of food and outfits, in addition to crafting various tools. The best solution I can think of is to have animals kill each other (by luring them together, or by luring them into snakes) so that you can get some hides and raw meat without killing them yourself.

Under The Stars – Survive 40 days in Endless Mode without sleeping in a shelter.

Death On The Trail – Die from dehydration with suffering from dysentery.

  • You can get the dysentery affliction by drinking polluted water, then just wait it out.

Dead-eye – Kill every animal type with arrows.

  • There are 6 types of animals you need to kill with arrows:
    • Bear
    • Boar
    • Crow
    • Rabbit
    • Snake
    • Wolf

Terraphobia – Travel 10 miles on the river without stopping.

Iron Stomach – Eat all the bad stuff in a single playthrough.

  • The “bad stuff” you need to eat are:
    • Tainted bait.
    • Spoiled fish.
    • Raw meat.
    • Spoiled meat.
    • Devil’s trumpet.

The Longest River – Survive 100 miles in Endless Mode.

Sickly – Contract Every Affliction

Crafty – Craft every item

Vegetarian – Survive the first 20 days in Endless Mode without killing any animals.

Paleo Diet – Survive the first 40 days in Endless Mode without eating any plants.

River God – Survive 200 miles in Endless Mode.

Learned The Hard Way – Die in every possible way.

  • You guys remember the mobile game “dumb ways to die”? been singing that song while writing this. Anyway, here is the list:
    • Dehydration
    • Drowning
    • Exhausted
    • Gored – killed by a boar
    • Hypothermia
    • Mauled – killed by a bear
    • Sepsis – die from infection after not treating a wound
    • Snake Bite
    • Starved
    • Wolf Attack
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