The Forest – How to Beat The Mutants

This tutorial shows you how to beat the Virginia, Cowman, Armsy (worm not included).

Guide to Defeat The Mutants

How to Beat the Armsy

The armsy is not so difficult to defeat when they are not in their blue form mainly just requiring alot of arrows or projectiles (if playing on hard or hard survival). or if you’r feeling lucky attack with a melee weapon. Most Armsy’s patrol in groups of mutants. sometimes appearing alone so when attacking it look out for other mutants. it’s attacks aren’t so difficult to dodge which means a perfect beginner mutant for newbies. skinning it gives 1 mutant armor

Will run towards you if lit on fire.

How to Beat a Cowman

This is one of the most difficult mutants available. it’s attacks deal extreme damage and dodging is required killing it is quite hard since it’s health is high.

Beating the mutant means having many projectiles/bow/slingshot/etc.

Be extremely weary when near it since it’s most common attack is the sprint attack.

Armor isn’t needed but extremely recommended.

How to Beat a Virginia

This mutant is quite same to the Armsy mainly use projectiles/bow.

It attacks using its legs and creates mutant babies.

Not much can really be said about this mutant. it’s pretty much a copy of a armsy except making baby’s.

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