The Forest – How to Find the Flare Gun

Guide to Find the Flare Gun


Once you spawn in and have gotten an axe and looted the bags and cases and you are about to go and look around or find a place to settle down for the night maybe.

You should see a snowy mountain (due to random spawn areas around the map, I wont say if it would be to your left or right or etc.) start heading towards the mountain.

On the way there make sure to collect as many sticks and as many leaves as you can, this will be very important (to build campfires, otherwise you will die from hypothermia) its also recommended to bring a bow and arrow to hunt rabbits when you get to the mountain. So that you can craft Rabbit Fur Boots to help a little with the cold, stealth and fashion, however this is not necessary as you can traverse the mountains without them.

Once you get to the mountain you want to look around near the base of the mountain. depending on where you started exploring the Plane will be on the ground or on a small cliff-side…

This is where the flare (flare is located on the ground inside the plane) and pilots outfit is located.

  • What the flare is good for: Shooting cannibals and setting them on fire dealing a lot of damage, and lighting up dark areas quickly.
  • How to get flares: Find yellow boxes on the ground, they will contain either 3 flares or a bunch of arrows.
  • How to get crafted bow: combine 1 stick, 1 cloth and 1 rope to craft it.
  • How to get rope: you can either craft rope using 7 cloth or you can find it in cannibal camps and on the yacht.
  • How to craft Rabbit fur boots: combine 3 rabbit fur and 2 rope.

Quick Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Go towards mountain.
  2. On the way there get sticks and leaves for campfires.
  3. Look around base of mountain.
  4. Locate front of crashed plane.
  5. Flare is located there.

Images to Help with the Guide



Crafting bow

Flare boxes

Mountain close up


Plane close up


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  1. if you found the “the Plane will be on the ground or on a small cliff-side” confusing, what hes meant by that is that it will either be on the ground on a small cliff-side depending on your angle/view of the plane

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