The Forest – How to Get Modern Axe (Easiest Way)

I’m gonna show you the fastest and easiest way to the modern axe. The basic tutorial for beginners or not.

Guide to Get Modern Axe Easy

Finding Cave 2

Let’s start with finding cave 2, where you can find modern axe and couple useful items. When you go through plane crash sequence (you can skip it with space) come out of plane, gather resources and look for big mountain on north. Then you can go west until you find a shore. Now, go south along the beach, until you find yacht. Go down the path from the yacht that leads to lake and village. Behind the village is cave 2 entrance.

Finding Modern Axe in Cave 2

When you enter the cave you will must face two cannibals. When you’re done with them, find a hanging skull and a rope beneath. Down, there’s your modern axe and more things that you might find useful such as modern arrows, electrical tape, dynamite, ropes, suitcases.

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