The Forgotten City – Free Gold Locations

This is a location guide for denarii locations on the main map without stealing and without doing the golden bow quest.

Unclaimed Gold Guide

All credit goes to Slowmo Laggins!


This guide will start at the Shrine of Proserpina.

Immediately turn right. That tower has two gold locations.

The bottom

The top

The Lake

Now head back to the Shrine of Proserpina and down to the lake.

Right in front of the massive stalagmite with the statue reaching for the apple is an underwater chest.

Get out of the water and follow the path to the right. In front of the cave entrance is a ledge and another chest.

Now proceed into the cave.


Follow the path and on the right is another chest.

Stay to the left and you should come across a cabin with yet another chest.

Turn around and find the stairs going up and make it all the way to the top of the stairs for another chest.

Now leave toward the voting theatre.

Theatre, Forum, and Palace

Go inside the voting theatre, on the right is a chest.

Leave and go out into the forum.

Directly across from your entry point should be the pathway to the toilets. To the right of the toilet house entrance is an alleyway and some trash and a bag of gold.

Go up the stairs from there to the fountain under the palace where you’ll find a bag in an overturned bucket.

Go up the stairs to the palace doors and go right. The balcony/overlook has a chest.


Not included in the main guide because its tricksy and you’re not supposed to get it without the golden bow. Right next to the collapsed shrine is an archway you can climb onto.

Jump onto the roof and follow the rooftops around back to the voting theatre.

From its rooftop you should be able to jump to each of the pillars with a well-timed jump.

Last one. Take the stairs down from the voting theatre, down into the cave-ish area. On the right is a hallway with a door, blocked by a statue. When the golden rule is broken, and that statue spots you, it will start walking towards you, giving you an opportunity to nab the chest inside.

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