The Front – How to Create / Join a Squad


The Front supports squads [G] with up to 6 players. Players are able to share supplies and buildings with their squadmates, allowing them to accumulate supplies more efficiently and fend off threats from the environment and from other players.

Non-squad members will not be able to place structures within the squad’s territory as marked by the Spacetime Beacon.

Within a squad, the owner of a Spacetime Beacon also has ownership of all squad structures within that beacon.

When you leave a squad, all structures you have built within range of the Spacetime Beacon will remain with the squad, while any other structures will still belong to you.

Creating a Squad

Press [G] to open the Squad interface, then click [LMB] “Create Squad.” Upon choosing a squad icon and name, click [LMB] Confirm to create your squad.

Joining a Squad

There are two ways a player may join a squad: by application or by invitation.

  1. To apply to join a squad, open the Join Squad tab of the Squad interface [G], choose a squad from the squad list, click Apply, then wait for the squad to approve your application.
  2. To invite a player to a squad, the squad’s creator will need to click the Invite button at the bottom of the Squad interface [G], enter the target character’s name, click “Invite”, and wait for the invited player to agree.
  1. Click the “Invite” button.
  2. Enter the name of the character you want to invite in the pop-up box, then click the “Invite” button behind the character’s name.
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