The Game of Fourtune – Missable Achievements Guide (Unmarked Spoilers!)

If you are unlucky with gaining all achievements in one walkthrough (some of these are pretty obscure, honestly) here you could find list of all missable achievements and how you can to get them.

Guide to Missable Achievements


After reading through Game of Fourtune for first time I found myself missing three achievements and finding some of already gotten ones by sheer luck. After experimenting and asking devs nicely, I got hints to locations of all achievements and share them with you. This guide should help people like me. To be read after finishing all 16 routes and getting final credits roll. If you are not done – you would be spoilered by some of info from this page. You were warned.

Check Out That Flow

Technically it’s missable achievement – if you are stubborn or oldschool enough to ignore that big “flowchart” button and go through all routes with just saving and loading. You know what to do.

Greed is Good!

To get this one you need to win Bandit King with most possible amount of money. It’s third game on Devon’s route, right after Take a Hike, but if you want to be more precise…

  • Pair Up
  • Team Up with Zeph and Kishi
  • Sacrifice Clyde for Devon
  • Take Tent

During game itself act like this:

  • 100 dollars
  • 100
  • 266,67

After winning over Maria (you should have no problem with her dialogue choices) you will get it.

Blaze of Glory

This one is achieved during game called Fire Drill on Alphonse route. To get there:

  • Pair Up
  • Team Up with Richard and Philip
  • I’ll Answer it
  • Team Up with Alphonse and Maria

During game itself act like this:

  • Save it for later.
  • Enter it boldly!
  • Enter the inferno.

Enjoy your reward, tiger.

Do you really need two of these…?

Once you got both Greed is Good! and Blaze of Glory achievements, this one should pop up. If it does not, there is something broken. Contact devs here or on Discord to make their day.

Who Needs Eyes?

For this one you need to play Disabled Disablers in specific way on William route. Path:

  • Pair Up
  • Team Up with Richard and Philip
  • William will answer it.

Once you are in actual game, act like this:

  • Play blinded
  • No
  • 1 Gold Wire
  • Blue
  • The Whistle Sound came first
  • The answer is, I’m saying Press 1

You should get achievement somewhere during end of this game or walking through corridor.

Deadly Dating Profile

This one is for game Blending In, second on Jade route. To get there:

  • Split Up
  • Go with Lilith, Laura and Jade
  • Join Jade, Grant and Zeph

During game itself, there are two hard choices to make:

  • Button mash that ♥♥♥!
  • This one does not matter
  • Mash It To Instill Fear
  • This does not matter 2

You should get this achievement after mashing that button to oblivion. If it does not appear, pick any options during two next “WTF Clyde?” questions and it should appear afterwards then.

Beginner’s Luck

This one is achieved during Ultimate Gambling Survivors! naturally. Path to it on Everett route:

  • Split Up
  • Join Elizabeth, William and Philip
  • Join Everett, Theresa and Alphonse

When finally it’s your turn to play pick these:

  • One Poker
  • The Four of Hearts
  • The King of Spades
  • The Two of Diamonds
  • Call

Enjoy your achievement and Theresa’s going ♥♥♥

From Downtown!

This one is found during Bullseye on Laura’s route. This one needs some preparation:

  • Split Up
  • Join Kishi, Zeph and Richard
  • Shoot Lilith
  • Split Up (go with Laura, Theresa and Everett)
  • Protect Laura from Theresa using the gun

Now for actions during game itself:

  • The Marsh Zone
  • Shoot the target

Bye William! Again… Achievement should appear some time during next few scenes.

Bell’s Favorite

To achieve this one you need to meet Coco, Bell’s favourite bear in three places on flowchart:

First meeting is mandatory and happens during final game on Zeph route, Off The Chain. You even get CG for Zeph and Coco trying to kiss… Poor Kishi!
Two meetings happen during House Cleaning on Elizabeth route. To get Coco into house, pick Go Alone as first choice. Then Do a Selfish Task for first lovely meeting with Coco… return to previous choice, and Stop William instead to survive a little longer. Follow Elizabeth’s Guidance and it would lead you to last and peaceful (for you) meeting with Coco.

If you do this after finishing game, naturally you have to follow only second part.

Four Women, Four Kisses, Fourtune

To feel yourself like lucky bastard you need to get kisses as Clyde from four ladies. These are:

  • Devon would kiss you at least once on Maria’s route during 14 minutes in Fantasy game and you can’t escape from it. This is also one place where you get mandatory Need More Than 7 Minutes… achievement. Devon will kiss Clyde more, but you can’t get this achievement by being monogamous!
  • Second one is also mandatory and it’s from our cupid Maria herself. After Supermarket Scavenger Hunt on Clyde route she will kiss Clyde on cheek for saving her. Lucky dude!
  • Third kiss is, unsuprisingly, from Bell herself. She technically makes air kisses to ressurect or heal Clyde few times, but to get true deal you need to read A Figure to Die For part of this guide.
  • Fourth kiss is Laura’s deadly one. To get it you need to pick Heartbreaker game on Jade route and choose The Bathroom to go into. Clyde would be killed by Laura anyway, but only in this path she would do it… seductively.
  • Theresa technically kisses Clyde’s palm during her route, but this ones seems to not count.

A Figure to Die For

To trigger this one you need to play Blending In on Jade route (you had to go there for one of previous achievements up here, remember?) and pick Myself when asked about person who wants to date Bell the most. Now you need to go to scene after surviving God Ring Wrestling and have a lucky encounter… Once all options are exhausted you should get your price.

The Curtain Falls

First of two “Not so True” endings you could get during grand finale – they are also missable. Pick icon with gavel from flowchart to shorten your path. Now you need to pick these:

  • Mention William’s involvement
  • Convince Kana

The Curtain Rises

Second of two “Not so True” endings you could get during grand finale – they are also missable. Pick icon with gavel from flowchart to shorten your path. Now you need to pick these:

  • Stay Silent
  • Grant killed Cole. or Richard killed Cole.
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