The Ghost Ship – Fear System Guide

A guide to understanding the mechanics behind the Fear System.

Guide to Fear System

Fear System

You, like everyone else, have a certain capacity of Fear you can handle before it becomes overwhelming. You will have a mentality indicator on the bottom left of your HUD after you pick up your first bottle of medication. As long as you are above 50% mentality, you will experience no side effects from your mentality, as your mentality drops you will start to see things.

Mentality Levels


At 50% Mentality or below, you will begin to see Spiders of different sizes. Your vision will also be slightly impaired.


At 35% Mentality or below, you will begin to see and hear Spirits around you, they will wander towards you but disappear if they are close enough and you look directly at them. Your vision will also be quite badly impaired, the screen will be grainy and darker.


At 20% Mentality or below which is the final level of Hallucinations, you will start to see Arms reaching out from the floors below you. Your vision will be severely impaired at this point to the point you will struggle to see anything.


You can rid the effects of the Fear System at any time by using Anti-Hallucinogens that are provided throughout the game, you can identify these as small cylindrical medicine bottles. You can carry up to 10 of these bottles at any one time.

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