The Ghost Ship – Ship Mechanics Guide

A guide to understanding the mechanics behind the Ship.

Guide to Ship Mechanics

Ship: Pirate Ghost

On the Cursed Ship the Ghost of a dead Pirate roams the floors searching for Souls to take.

Nobody’s been to the Ship in a long time so it’s unlikely he will be expecting any visitors – however if you make a noise, he’ll come for you and he won’t stop searching.

You will know if the Pirate is close as an Ominous music will play as he approaches, if you hear this music you have 2 options. Run or Hide.

Ship: Abomination

Haunting the lower depths of the Ship is an Abomination.

The Abomination is a powerful un-dead monster wielding a cleaver, a few hits from this cleaver and this will be your demise.

You cannot kill the Abomination, but with a few hits from a blunt object and he will be stunned for a short period of time – use this time wisely, finish what you need to do and get the hell out of there.

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