The Great War: Western Front – Central Powers Tips (Early Game)

Tips for Central Powers

Look at the bottom of the map on the French side south and 1 hex column left of Verdun. You will see a one star province. Make that your now look one province to the left of that one, that province should be your aim to cut off the southern front. I did it and I encircled all the provinces on the southern front to include Verdun and I just let them wither on the vine. One turn I inflicted -180 national will onto the enemy as their provinces just ticked away and became mine. Easy. Also took out about 10-12 corps since I counted how many I encircled without firing a single shot at them.

Ignore Verdun or any 4 star province. You inflict more national will damage by taking the two star provinces if you can repeat it over and over and I got an event that boosted my national will because I was doing so well.

First techs should be the level 1 supply depot, and rush the tech that give’s bonus’s to tech events. Then grab the tech that will let you give grenediers. Look on the infantry path and follow the tech upgrades for grenades. It’ll be the one right before you get the flamethrower. Grenediers cost 20 supply to deploy so if you’re going to use them, deploy ALL OF THEM on the deployment phase. They may only be 40 men strong but they will take out a whole company or two or eltie infantry in a trench fight if its 2 v 2. If its regular infantry I think they’ll go up to 4 or 6. And they throw grenades INTO the trenches before they storm into them from open ground killing whoever is there or substantially damaging them. This works best with them in skirmish formation. I have seen it done in column formation, but they sometimes don’t do it in column. They are best used in concentrated attacks. I find I get best results with 10 corps as each corps gets 1 grenedier so that’s a lot of damage lets me push in a concentrated fashion to guarantee great victory.

If you lack grenediers and are facing enemy elite infantry, your only reasonable counter is your own light infantry. In such cases I reccomend have 3 elite corps for every 1 that they have so you are guarenteed to chew through all of their elite infantry with yours and still have some to spare to lead the assault. It can be done with two to one but more careful management is required to ensure your elite troops are not caught in the open so they can take out the allied elite troops in melee.

I also only use light artillery batteries because the suppression is worth more for my assaulting forces which procede in this order Grenediers>Elite Infantry>Regular Infantry>Conscripts. I don’t reccommend conscripts EXCEPT as suicide scouts since they are only two supply arn’t worth anything really. I only include them in attacks for the extra supply. When my forces assault I use column formation because I need them to get there faster AND before the barrage stops. If enemy artillery is coming in some micro is needed to quickly change to skirmish formation because heavy artillery can inflict at least half damage if they catch them in column formation. Once they are out of danger, back to column formation because speed is essential.

Later on you may need the 2nd warehouse upgrade whcih is what I have at most now as I use 10 corps to punch a hole continuously though the Allied lines. The war of movement is back!

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