The Great War: Western Front – How to Fight Tanks

When tanks are used first time, they became a game changer.

Tips to Fight Tanks

You’re doing good, using heavy artillery. That’s how most of tanks were fought. Unfortunately in game, tanks are ridiculous fast, which makes it harder to fight them.

Light artillery works too if you have 3+ batteries. Just gotta keep hammering it.

As noted above, they do change a battle quite a bit, but they are not that bad.

Artillery them, can be hard if they are moving, but as with all artillery just put it ahead of where they are moving to. If they stop next to your trenches artillery them – don’t worry about the infantry in the trench, they will be at least partially protected, and you want a dead tank rather than it killing the infantry anyway.

Infantry will kill tanks, eventually. In essence all infantry are assumed, once tanks are around , then they have at least some way of doing something with AP round or whatever. However, it takes a while and the tank will hurt you in the mean time.

If all your MGs and Mortars are destroyed by the enemy artillery at the start of the game then you are trying to defend too far forward. Emplacements right at the back/corners are usually safe from artillery, and stuff that is not right on the front will likely be safe for a while, as the AI balloons will not have the range to see them, so they are safe until enemy troops get close to them (at which point they will be spotted). Use that time to artillery his most forward artillery batteries – you can see the AI range by hovering over the enemy batteries (you did bring a balloon didn’t you?) – check which ones are a threat to you and pound it with your artillery before his troops arrive where your emplacements are.

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