The Haunted: Hells Reach – How to Reach the Artifact and the End of the Maze (SAR Mission on Santa Town Update Map)

A brief guide on tips and hows to reach the Artifact and the end of the maze on the best intuitive way possible…

Getting the Artifact Saved Achievement or How to Complete the SAR Mission on Santa Town Update Map

A Brief Introduction

After a lot of free time in my hands and many, many, way too many tries i got the achievement, here i will show you some tips and a complete map layout to better understand the maze and stop getting ganked on dead ends by demons…

A Light Shining in Darkness…

After activating the mission token you will be met to a cinematic which will sent you to a quest of retrieving an artifact inside a maze, one great tip for this is follow the lit streetlights while you run and dodge past demons, there are a total of 7 lit streetlights, 6 of which will lead you onto the right path to the exit of the maze itself (one is a decoy to reach you to a dead end just before reaching the end of the maze but more on that later…).

Lights Out

For getting to the Artifact itself you will have to abandon the lit streetlights path and follow the turned off ones, it can be decieving at first but it’s really helpful to always look instead of the walls of the maze kinda try to watch at the top of the maze walls, to see if you are close to another turned off streetlight which will be your beacons leading you to the artifact…

A Map for Treasure…

Here is a complete map layout of the maze on which i traced the path you must take to get to the artifact, the way back it’s self explanatory and you need to get the top-right area with a rectangle.

Some Additional Tips…

  • Always be on the run, you MUST try to avoid combat if possible as the monster spawning doesn’t stop it’s easy to get swarmed.
  • Try to level up one weapon of your choice and save your ammo on the round you are going to do the mission, for example i go for the arsonator mostly because it one kills angry red demons.
  • DO grab the wrecking gun, it is at the alley with the two crashed trucks it can save your life in tight spots, and stock up in granades.
  • About the streetlight that acts as a decoy it’s this one circled in red, just follow the green arrow i drew and focus on the streetlight circled on green on the right side:



With these tips i gave you and tools provided the journey to getting the achievement should be less an annoyance and more of a task to do, and of course, if it’s too hard you can always lower the difficulty! Hope this helps to anyone who needs it.

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  1. It’s very difficult, but with practice it gets a bit easier, just familiarize yourself with the maze

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