The Haunting of Billy – 100% Full Achievement Guide

How to Obtain All Achievements


You can trivilaze the whole game by pressing “O” on your keyboard and cycle through every weapon in the game, including dev weapon which has good damage and infinite range.

Dev weapon


Guardian Demon

  • Die for the first time.

What Have I become?

  • Have every part of your costume consist of different sets.

Who Am I?

  • Obtain one full set (do this with caveman set and you get 2 achievements at once).

Growing Up

  • Do not enter the first door with a yellow doorknob and just move to the next area at the end of the hallway.

Bucky’s Little Secret

  • Press “O” on your keyboard until you have held a pan in your hands.

High Roller

  • Do not spend any candy and you should have this on any successful run.

Cute Little Onesie

  • This achievements requirements are wrong but they unlock with a full caveman set instead of devil legs and arms.

L’appel du Vide

  • During some bossfights (I did it in Turt) jump on top of the tallest boxes and jump when boss hits you, this should send you over the walls. Land into a glitched room and collect glitched head.


  • Cycle weapons until you have the dev weapon, hit enemies until you have successfully launched an enemy off the map.
Written by Aergis

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