The Heart of Darkness – Cruz Knights Locations

Just providing the Location for each of the Cruz Knights for Alaine’s quest progression.


First Location: Garden of Pruners: Red Rose Garden

Second Location: Groaning Valley: Eastern Tower 2F

Third Location: Crystal Lake: To the east of the Church where you find Matra

Fourth Location: Forest of the Blackbeast: On entering follow the path to the east

Fifth Location: Basin of Decay: start from the Pyre “Connecting Bridge” & follow the boardwalks north instead of east

Sixth Location: Fortress of the Midnight Sun: From the Start head down the 1st flight of steps, then head all the way to the west without going further down, you should come to a broken walk way & a path north that leads to the soldier.

Seventh Location: Castle of the Midnight Sun: Teleport to Pyre, “The Great Library” & head up the stairs to the previous zone, just to the east will be the soldier.

This is just here to help the people that got stuck like I did.

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