THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD: Remake – Secret Achievements Guide

What are those secret achievements? How can I unlock them? This guide will help you out with those pesky secrets!

How to Obtain All Secret Achievements

Achievement #16 – Secret Room

Secret Room – Enter the secret room on Chapter 4

In Chapter 4: The House of the Dead, there’s a secret room that can only be unlocked if you saved all the scientists in your current playthrough. Start a new playthrough in any mode and save every single one of them!

The routes you take don’t matter, you only have to reach Chapter 4 without anyone dying. If anyone dies, you can always restart the chapter (Pause> Return to Title Screen>Continue) without losing your progress or voiding this achievement.

Note: The scientist at the start of Chapter 1 who gives you the photograph and the two scientists killed by Hangedman before his boss fight at the end of Chapter 2 don’t count for this achievement.

Achievement #19 – Full Armory

Full Armory – Collect all additional weapons available in the game

This achievement is related to Achievement #20 – Try this!. Please refer to that section to unlock all the weapons!

Achievement #20 – Try this!

Try this! – Collect your first additional weapon

This achievement is related to Achievement #16 – Secret Room. The first step is to save all the scientists to unlock the Armory (Main menu>Gallery>Armory), then start a new playthrough and collect one of the weapons scattered in every level. For more info about this achievement, please check out this walkthrough!

Achievement #26 – Grenadier

Grenadier – Kill 5 enemies at the same time

After unlocking the grenade launcher (See Achievement #19 – Full Armory and Achievement #20 – Try this! for info about unlocking weapons) find a group of 5 enemies and kill them all with a single grenade.

The easiest place to earn this is during Chapter 1, as soon as you reach the bridge with the scientist about to be thrown off by an enemy. If you rescue or kill the scientist (Just make sure he’s not thrown off the bridge!) you will meet a group of 5 Murrer (Zombie worms). Use the grenade launcher here and the achievement will be unlocked!

Achievement #27 – Dance Macabre

Dance Macabre – Nail down an opponent’s head with the Pitter

After unlocking the Pitter (See Achievement #19 – Full Armory and Achievement #20 – Try this! for info about unlocking weapons), get a headshot against any enemy.

Achievement #34 – Really?

Really? – Lose all credits and die

For this achievement, you need to get a Game Over. Losing a credit and quitting to the Main Menu doesn’t count, you must lose all your Credits and trigger the cutscene where your character dies and the game shows you the path you took through the mansion. The easiest way to earn this is to play in Hard mode (You receive more damage) and let the enemies kill you, choosing to continue until you run out of Credits.

Achievement #38 – Glass Cleaner

Glass Cleaner – Don’t destroy any glass panels on chapter 2

In Chapter 2 you will eventually enter a secret lab. This lab has a rainbow colored rack of glass panels showing a human brain. Make sure you don’t use the Grenade Launcher (the radius of the explosion will wreck everything) and be careful with your aiming. The achievement will unlock when you start the boss fight against Hangedman.

Achievement #39 – Deratization

Deratization – Kill all the rats in the game

Across the first two chapters you will find five rats. You must shoot and kill all of them for this achievement.

Chapter 1 has 4 rats in total, and Chapter 2 has the last rat. This video will show you the routes you need to follow to find and kill them all. I recommend using the Grenade Launcher to have an easier time killing them (See Achievement #19 – Full Armory and Achievement #20 – Try this! for info about unlocking weapons).

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