The Isle – How to Survive as Utahraptor

A basic survival guide on how to find food, grow to adult and, if you want, find a mate as the Utahraptor! This is for every raptor player out there and i hope i see more raptor players around!

Utahraptor Survival Guide

All credit goes to AlphaSquirrel!

Spawning in at a Nest

If you spawn at a nest you dont really have much to worry about till your old enough to move out. We will get to that later.

Spawning in as a Fresh Spawn

Spawning in as a fresh spawn is a little harder than being nested in. You start on low hunger, you’re small and nearly defenceless and you are so slow that the only things you can hunt with ease are chickens and rabbits.

Finding Food

As a fresh spawn almost anything can kill you or is faster than you, I recommend hunting rabbits and chickens until your a bit bigger. I also recommend spawning south, center, north east or south east just stay away from north west till adult ok?

Leaving The Nest

Leaving your nest can be hard depending on what sorta nest you’re in, it can come real fast. After you leave your nest each creature leaves the nest (for me) at a certain stage, Since this guide is about raptors, leave the nest around sub adult. After leaving the nest you should be big enough to hunt deer and goat but not pig yet! Pig can kill you almost as easily as they kill fresh spawns kill a few deer and drink a bit and continue this cycle until adulthood.

Adulthood and Finding a Mate

By now you should be adult or you’ve been killed and you can either explore or find a mate. If you want to explore chose male cause then you get the display colours or if you want to mate choose female because most people chose male because you Don’t have to click anything to change your gender and, also as stated above they get cool colours.


I really hope this guide helped you become Isla Spiro’s most intelligent, cunning predator. Goodbye and remember, happy hunting!

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