The Isle – How to Use the New Omniraptor

This is a guide to help others play as the new and “improved” Omniraptor.

Don’t Play as It

Unless you want – let me explain..

Step one to being a good Omni player: Don’t Use This Dinosaur.

I used to love the Utah, and what it used to be, but know I see what it has become. The devs have KILLED this dino. I mean, even the Isle’s best Utah player, (If y’all don’t already know who i’m very disappointed) Nappn, cant even play Utah and won’t.

And that speaks LEVELS. The stamina drain, with just one tick of bucking, does 40% stam. 40%. I mean what the actual fu-. This is insane!! What where the devs thinking?? And, you know what, i’m in banned from the game for badmouthing the devs and speaking my opinion, then I don’t even know where to begin. The turn radius on the Utah is that of a Pachy, and that is not OK. The Utah is a raptor, they are meant to out-agility everything in the game so far!

Ok, Use It, But Under These New Tips and Tricks

Now when I said to never play as this Dino, I was exaggerating some. Playing as the Omni can still be fun. But if you want to take down big prey you will for sure need a big pack, like 8+ Utahs. Pouncing your prey to death has gotten harder with the new and “improved pounce stam drain”. If you hold on for just too long, BOOM you fall off your prey and most likely die.

The MOMENT your prey starts bucking, jump off right away, or else you risk losing nearly half your stam in one bucking tick. You can still have fun alone if you just want to goof around, or hang out and explore, scavenging is also an option as well as hunting small prey and young prey, but really, there is not solo Utahs hunting Carnos anymore. I’m sorry guys, its just impossible, nappn agrees, he refuses to play Omni until they fix it. Now update 6 is a great update!! If your lame (JK) and are a Pachy or Carno main. But if your cool (Also JK, play as whatever u want) and are a Utah main, this update SUCKS SO BADLY.

Closing and Final Thoughts

Now I have to say that this is the end of this guide, I might and probably will add more to it someday, but for know this is the end. I hope y’all enjoyed this joke of a guide, but also true guide, stay safe out there and good luck!! Also, remember..

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